Next Clash of Clans server maintenance for iOS, Android

Clash of Clans maintenance time

Mobile gaming is now a hugely popular pastime and we know that many of our readers are big Clash of Clans fans. If you want to make the most of the game you might be interested in knowing when the servers will be down so that you can avoid that time, so today we have […]

Radamel Falcao in FIFA 15 iOS pack opening

FIFA 15 Radamel Falcao b

It makes no odds if you’re a Man Utd, Liverpool FC, or Arsenal fan, there’s one thing you may have in common. A huge amount of football enthusiasts enjoy playing FIFA on consoles or mobile apps, and of course FIFA 15 recently released. Today we have a nice spot of Radamel Falcao in a FIFA […]

Official Ryder Cup 2014 app for iPhone, Android

Official Ryder Cup 2014 apps

The 2014 Ryder Cup at Gleneagles, Scotland is now under way, with matches running from Friday to Sunday. PGA apps for the Ryder Cup have now been released and offer a wealth of information to enhance your enjoyment of the Europe vs. USA tournament. We have details of the official Ryder Cup 2014 app for […]

Asphalt Overdrive release for Android, iOS, WP Sept 25

Asphalt Overdrive app release b

There are many fans of the popular Asphalt apps from Gameloft who would have imagined that the next instalment after Asphalt 8 would be Asphalt 9. However, Gameloft chose instead to announce Asphalt: Overdrive at E3 this year. Now we can tell you that the Asphalt Overdrive release for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices […]

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team app on Android, iPhone wait

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team app

The FIFA 15 release for consoles is now just a few more days away, and a few days ago we discussed the fact that many people were also waiting for news of Android and iOS app availability. Although the FIFA 15 Utimate Team app on Android has now gone live, the iPhone still waits. As […]

New iPhone emojis on the fly with iOS 8 app

iOS 8 emojis app

Many mobile device users are very enthusiastic about emojis and were hoping to see new emojis in the first release of iOS 8. However, back in July we informed readers that new iPhone emojis were unlikely to be core spec until iOS 8.1, although there was still a chance that they might appear within an […]

FIFA 15 app for Android, iOS countdown starts

FIFA 15 Android iOS

The FIFA 15 app is a hot topic of discussion among football fans and this is the same whether you support Man Utd, Liverpool FC, Arsenal or anyone else. Many people are looking forward to the FIFA 15 release date, and now the FIFA 15 app for Android and iOS countdown has started. Last year […]

Clash of Clans problems with update acknowledged

Clash of Clan problems following update

If you are one of the very many Clash of Clans fans who were eager to get to grips with the latest update then we wonder if everything is going smoothly for you? Earlier today we informed readers that the Clash of Clans Android and iOS updates were now live, but since then we have […]

Chelsea FC join Atletico Madrid in FIFA 15 app screens

Chelsea join Atletico Madrid

Whether the football club you support is Man Utd, Chelsea, or Liverpool FC there’s one thing you may have in common. Many eager gamers are waiting for FIFA 15 apps to release and yesterday EA Sports issued some news about new ways to play FIFA on mobile. One thing we noticed within this was that […]

Candy Crush problems persist, app fix required

Candy Crush problems persist b

There’s no doubt that the Candy Crush Saga game has taken the world by storm, with millions of fans always eager to reach the next level. However, at the end of August we reported on some problems we had encountered after an update, and looking at the App Store and Google Play we soon discovered […]