Upcoming iPad Air leaks in pictures

iPad Air 2 Bottom

There have been a lot — and by a lot, we mean a lot — rumors, leaks, and pictures, of the upcoming Apple iPhone 6, both in its alleged 4.7, and 5.5-inch incarnation, but we haven’t seen that many pictures of the upcoming iPad Air, tentatively called the iPad Air 2. Apple is expected to […]

Android market decline in USA, iOS rising


Android vs. iOS is a debate that rumbles on and on among tech enthusiasts, with many who are very passionate about their choice of platform and device. It’s always interesting then to see the latest figures about the Android and iOS share of the market. The latest figures show that there has been a slight […]

Android vs iOS is like Beatles vs Stones


Every tech enthusiast knows that the Android and iOS operating systems and devices that run them are the most dominant platforms in the smartphone and tablet market today. We thought it would be interesting to consider the rivalry that exists between Android and iOS and enthusiasts of both platforms so today we’re looking at why […]

Google Now for iOS release contradiction

Google Now for iOS release contradiction

Apple and Google remain fierce rivals in the mobile world with both companies’ platforms dominating the mobile space, but Google does have some presence in the Apple world with some applications available to iPhone users. Now there is some contradiction going on regarding a Google Now for iOS release. Earlier this month we heard that […]

US Android phone marketshare still top but falls against iOS


One subject that is sure to divide many smartphone users is the preference between Android and iOS platforms and many are fiercely loyal to one operating system or the other. Therefore figures of how those platforms are doing in the market are often interesting and today we have news that for the US smartphone marketplace, […]

Nintendo & Activision Staff for Apple iOS Gaming


In order to establish iOS as a leading gaming platform, Apple have shown their intent, by recruiting Nick Grange, Activision’s European PR director. In an MCV report it is claimed that the appointment of Nick Grange, follows Apple’s recent acquisition of Robert Saunders, who was a former head of communications for Nintendo UK and is […]

20 Million iOS Games Sold by Gameloft in Apple App Store

20 Million iOS Games Sold by Gameloft in Apple App Store

Mobile gaming in one huge business these days and it appears none more so that on the Apple iOS platform for such devices as the iPhone 4 and iPad, and one of the big mobile game makers, Gameloft has made a big hit on iOS. According to an article over on Ubergizmo, game developer Gameloft […]