Traktor DJ iPad app, perfect for budding musicians of all levels

Traktor DJ iPad app, perfect for budding musicians of all levels

There are a huge number of DJ apps available but sorting out the best ones is not always that easy, but Native Instruments Traktor has been one of the most popular DJ systems for a while now, and the Traktor DJ iPad app is perfect for budding musicians of all levels. The new application was […]

16GB iPad 3 $299 via Target at select stores


If you’re after an Apple iPad and want to save yourself some money then an offer right now at Target may be of interest to you. The offer involves the third-generation iPad (aka iPad 3 or new iPad) that released last March and was replaced later in the year with the iPad with Retina display […]

Lifejacket iPad case for extreme weather

Lifejacket case for iPad for extreme weather

Do you own an Apple iPad? If the answer is yes and you use it indoors or outdoors we would like to let you know about the new Lifejacket iPad case that is great for extreme weather. We love new cases and this one looks rather nice with a reasonable price tag to boot. If […]

Cool iPhone Desktop phone & iPad Internet Chat Handset

Cool iPhone Desktop phone

There will often be times that we want to use our mobile devices while at home or at the office, and this is when the numerous docks and stands come into their own. We have a couple of neat products for you today that include the cool iPhone Desktop phone and the iPad Internet Chat […]

Apple iPad 128GB on sale to narrow Surface Pro gap

iPad 128GB available to buy, Surface Pro anyone

This is just getting silly now Apple, yes we are pointing the finger at you fruity for releasing yet another tablet so soon. The new Apple iPad 128GB is now on sale via the Apple Store in both UK and USA and we believe it is too soon, the iPad 4 as we all call […]

Transparent Apple iPad concept, the possibility of beauty

Transparent Apple iPad concept, the possibility of beauty

The Apple iPad has been with us in its many guises for almost three years now and the device has seen quite a few changes, with the iPad 4 being the lightest and thinnest model yet away from the iPad mini. With any Apple product we get to hear rumours and speculation about what the […]

iPad Finance apps that make your life convenient

iPad Finance apps that make your life convenient

Computers and Internet have become an integral part of human life. As technology is progressing rapidly, electronic devices and gadgets are becoming smarter and more compact. Everything from computing to telecommunication can be done by using a single handheld device. As any hardware is non-non-functional without software, the portable gadgets that have emerged recently such […]

New iPad 4 release with 128GB surely too soon – UPDATED


When the iPad 4 was released in November 2012 only 7-8 months after the release of the third-generation iPad it caused some controversy that Apple had veered away from a yearly cycle. Many consumers were annoyed that they had only recently purchased the iPad 3 and already it was being replaced with an improved model. […]

iPad Archos Design Bluetooth keyboard with kickstand

ipad keyboard

The Apple iPad is a lovely tablet and works well for all activities; great for searching the Internet, gaming and many other things are superb with the offerings of so many apps in the App Store to fit all lifestyles. The onboard touchscreen keyboard is brilliant as well but can never be good as a […]

Audojo iPad Case Controller for serious gamers


Every now and again on Phones Review we like to bring news about innovations that people are trying to bring to the market. Many of these are smartphone or tablet accessories or gadgets and today we have details of the Audojo iPad Case Controller for serious gamers. This has been specifically designed for those who […]