AT&T Apple iPhone 3G 16GB White Refurbished: Christmas Bargain

AT&T Apple iPhone 3G 16GB White Refurbished- Christmas Bargain

Christmas 2010 is only around the corner now and now it is bargain time, we have found on sale AT&T Apple iPhone 3G 16GB White Refurbished smartphone where you can save a massive 61 percent. At the moment is offering the refurbished Apple iPhone 3G 16GB in white for AT&T only for only $349.97, […]

Got iPhone 3G on OS 3.1.3 then get Fuzzyband


To start with I need to make you aware that this will only help downgrade iPhone 3G if it is currently on iPhone OS 3.1.3 with 05.12.01 baseband and the older bootloader 05.08. It wont work on iPhone 3GS so don’t try it. If your phone falls into the category above then great news for […]

How do you set-off the moisture sensor on an iPhone 3G?

How do you set-off the moisture sensor on an iPhone 3G?

So what does it actually take to set off the moisture sensor in the iPhone 3G? Sweat, dunking in a pool of water, hot day humidity? The thing is apparently numerous iPhone users say that their iPhone 3G warranty has been voided unfairly due to the moisture sensor going off during normal usage reports the […]

Apple iPhone 3G PRODUCT RED Christmas Special Edition


The news we are about to give you is from an unconfirmed source, but we will find out if this is all true. We found via iPhone Savior a very cool looking Apple iPhone 3G and one like no other, forget the black iPhone 3G and forget about the white model too and welcome to […]

iPhone vs iPhone 3G: Specs and Video Comparison

apple iphone vs apple iphone 3g

Now let’s put two phones together and see which one comes out on top, welcome to the Apple iPhone vs Apple iPhone 3G, do you think that the 3G is well worth the buy? Well let’s see shall we. Below we have the specifications for both Apple phones and there is also a video to […]

O2 say considerable iPhone 3G stock coming Friday 25th

Now not ones for rocking the boat but we say in advance that when O2 state that they will be getting a considerable amount of iPhone 3G stock on Friday 25th can they really supply customers by the masses. The O2 site says that they will update us as soon as they have more information […]

Japanese up-skirt perverts will hate Apple iPhone 3G

All you Japanese perverts who love taking pictures up the skirts of unsuspecting women are now being warned that the iPhone 3G will have shutter sounds. According to Nobuyuki Hayashi who is a reporter has said that the camera on the iPhone 3G that are being sold in Japan will all make shutter sounds when […]

Exclusive iPhone 3G News: Weekend sees O2 with NO stock

We have the latest news about the Apple iPhone 3G stock, through a secret source who we will not mention has given us some interesting news. Some O2 stores did not have any iPhone 3G stock whatsoever delivered to their stores this weekend, but funnily enough some Carphone Warehouse stores did, now work that one […]

Debate: What’s your reason for buying the Apple iPhone 3G?

We want to start a debate to get to the bottom of why everyone wants the Apple iPhone 3G, “What’s your reason for buying the Apple iPhone 3G? There are many customers who want or already have the iPhone 3G, but we here at Phones Review want to know the real reason this mobile device […]

Carphone Warehouse Ticks Off Disgruntled iPhone 3G Customers

Today we published an article titled “All iPhones from Carphone Warehouse have been activated” (See Here). Well following on from this we have had a couple of our readers comment on what they think about Carphone Warehouse. Reader One Says: “Connected maybe, but working properly. I think not! My visual voicemail still isn’t working. It […]