iPhone 6, 5S popularity against iPhone Lite

iPhone 6, 5S popularity against iPhone Lite

The rumour mill regarding Apples plans for its smartphone range in 2013 have been going in to overdrive these last few months with talk of various new models being released, but according to some the popularity of the supposed iPhone Lite will be higher than any iPhone 6 or 5S models. Apple has long been […]

iPhone 4, 5 iOS 7 beta 3 vs Galaxy S4 Android 4.3


There’s a lot of interest right now in updated operating systems that are on the way for the Android and iOS platforms. Android 4.3 is currently being tested, and iOS 7 just reached the beta 3 stage and is due for a public release in fall. Today we have a collection of videos to share […]

Apple iPhone 6 5.7-inch design that would battle Galaxy Note 4

Apple iPhone 5.7 design that would battle Galaxy Note 4

Before Apple released the iPhone 5 rumours of the company producing a device with a larger display rumbled on for ages, and the actual 4-inch display that became available was felt a bit of a letdown in some people’s eyes who wanted bigger. Now there is talk again of a larger display and this Apple […]

Finn Wallet stores an iPhone & cash, perfect for Fathers Day

Finn Wallet stores an iPhone and cash, prefect for Fathers Day

We are only a few weeks away now from Fathers Day and if you are stuck what to buy the Finn Wallet that can easily store an iPhone along with cash and credit cards may be the ideal gift. This stylish looking product courtesy of San Francisco’s Waterfield Designs is made from naturally tanned supple […]

GTA on Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Note 2, iPhone 5 and HTC One


Like many other gamers, we’ve spent hundreds of hours playing Grand Theft Auto games and look forward to GTA 5 arriving on consoles later this year, although there’s some fun to have playing GTA on mobile devices as well. There is a lot of room for improvement with GTA Vice City on smartphones, but we […]

iPhone 5 cases that keep the charger at home


Today, we wanted to take a closer look at some iPhone 5 cases that deliver extra battery life and help users leave their charger at home. We know the majority of our readers get around one day of battery with their iPhone 5, but an article from earlier today reveals there’s thousands of iPhone owners […]

iPhone 5S release date window known by WWDC


Dedicated followers of both iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 news will remember the leaked parts that arrived last week, which revealed a possible improvement for color choice when we meet an iPhone 5S release date at some point this year. While we don’t officially know the next iPhone name, it is widely reported from leaks […]

iOS 6.1.5 update for numerous iPhone 5 problems


The next likely Apple iPhone OS update would be iOS 6.1.5, although this update hasn’t been confirmed and could skip a few numbers, and there is a growing number of users crying out for fixes to numerous problems. It is hard to tell if there’s a pattern with iPhone 5, or 4S, problems being experienced […]

YouTube for iOS update brings nice new features

YouTube for iOS update brings nice new features

Modern mobile technology has allowed us to view video content that isn’t already stored on the device anywhere we can get connected to the Internet, and this has been helped by the huge number of applications that are available for smartphone platforms. Popular video sharing website YouTube has just seen its iOS application receive a […]

Star Walk for iOS offers interactive astronomy guide

Star Walk - 5 Stars Astronomy Guide

There has been an explosion in recent times with the amount of mobile applications that are educational but offer that little bit more to the user, and that can be certainly said about the Star Walk application for iOS users that offers an interactive astronomy guide using augmented reality. The company responsible for the application, […]