Mogo talk for iPhone available in UK soon


Great news as it has recently been confirmed that MoGo Talk for the iPhone is about to go on sale all across Europe and will be available for UK customers as well. It is claimed to be the world’s only ultra thin Bluetooth headset that comes with a iPhone protective case and its due later […]

iPhone 3.1.3 Jailbreak: Download Sn0wbreeze V1.5.1


The latest update for Sn0wbreeze 3.1.3 V1.5.1 has recently been released and this little update will please Youtube users as it contains the fix that has caused users problems with the last release. Also you can expect to see an improvement on speed and reliability, sadly though Blacksn0w unlock for iPhone 3GS is still crippled […]

Apple and Verizon still chatting about iPhone and iPad


AT&T have managed to do it again, impress us all with the 3G data plan for the iPad, that is but what about the Verizon deal. Well nothing much has happened on that front, apart from that is more talking and a lot of it. It would seem that both future partners do intend on […]

Want your iPhone to be an iPad?


Following on from the Apple iPad which was recently announced there has been some very mixed reactions from all over the world. Some have described it as oversized iPod touch and other seem to think that is somehow has the potential to redefine the way people will use computers in the future. It would seem […]

Nokia Request Granted, ITC Investigates Apple

Nokia Request Granted, ITC Investigates Apple

Remember the patent battle between Nokia and Apple and Nokia went crying to the US International Trade Commission asking for them to investigate Apple? Well it looks like the battle is about to get bitter. According to an article over on pcworld, the ITC has decided there is a case to grant Nokia’s request and […]

Only a few weeks away Assassins Creed II for iPhone


Ubisoft has announced that the wait for the Assassin’s Creed II is almost over. Assassin’s Creed II is only a few weeks away according to the announcement made by Ubisoft, it accidentally slipped onto the App. store earlier this month but now the release date has been made official. The date to put in your […]

Has Apple got multitouch patent to stop say Google using it?


Back in 2008 when the original Android G1 was launched you may or may not recall that there were a number of rumors surrounding it. One such rumor was that Apple had asked Google to avoid integrating a 3.5mm audio jack and multitouch gestures on the HTC G1. We were all pretty certain that after […]

Latest creation from Apple coming 27th January


Apple have officially announced a very special event which is scheduled for just over a week away January 27th, in San Francisco. The special event is to announce to the now awaiting public their latest creation. The question being asked now though is what can we expect at the event? Is it going to be […]

50,000 iPhones sold in a day by Vodafone


The fourth carrier in the UK to get the iPhone Vodafone have had a very impressive first day as they have already sold more than 50,000 on the first day alone. That’s according to the Independent, to get an idea a as to just what that looks like Vodafone sold 30,000 more iPhones in a […]

Could Bing be the search engine on the iPhone


It seems that there is the start of another war breaking out between Apple and Google and the prize at stake is the Mobile Ad Market. There is speculation that this could escalate to a point where Apple will make Bing its default search engine on the iPhone. It isn’t definite that this will happen […]