What will be the next generation phone? iPhone, HTC Diamond, Samsung Instinct

what will be the next generation phone

The title basically is asking what will be the next generation phone, we have listed a few in the title but there are a whole lot more, there are some amazing mobile phones like the Apple iPhone 3G, HTC Touch Pro, HTC Diamond, Samsung Instinct, the list is endless when you think about all the […]

Apple iPhone growth threatened by Google Android OS: Release end of 2008


It has been rumoured delays are hitting Google’s Android handset, but apparently, despite all the rumours over the net waves Google seem to be right on track for an end of year release. Apparently Google did say they would begin shipping the first Android mobile phone later this year, and The Wall Street Journal published […]

Samsung Soul U900 smashes Apple iPhone Sales in first month: One million sold

Samsung have hit the jackpot by selling a massive one million Samsung Soul U900 mobile phones, the flagship handset has beaten the Apple iPhone in the first month of sales. The Samsung Soul U900 has done very well indeed in the UK and in its first two weeks sales were at a high of 80,000 […]

Do you think Apples App Store will end the need to Jailbreak the iPhone and iPod?


The wisdom of thinking is that when Apple begins to sell applications for their iPhone and iPod next month, the need for people to “jailbreak” the handsets to install unofficial third-party applications will no longer be necessary. However, maybe people will continue to jailbreak the Apple iPhone and iPod especially on applications that Apple does […]

2GB maximum for Apple iPhone Apps costing between 99 cents and a thousand dollars


If you are reading rumour after rumour then stop for a little bit take a breather and read this news. We have heard before iPhone apps can cost up to $1500 and that apps will be up to 3GB on the App Store, WRONG. Apple seems to have gone and thrown in the “Let’s squash […]

Firefox plus Opera on the iPhone is music to our ears: Will Apple allow this?

The Apple iPhone is one of the most talked about mobile devices around and you have to admit this handset is not lacking anymore on the third-party developer support front and with the all new Apple AppStore hitting us all soon we are seeing so many iPhone applications it is unreal, so it looks like […]

Do I have to hand over my Apple iPhone when upgrading to 3G iPhone? Q&A

We have a few questions our readers have asked and we will answer them as best as we can, the questions today are for the Americans, basically similar for us in the UK as well “Do I have to hand over my Apple iPhone when upgrading to 3G iPhone? “So if I bought the original […]

I am a current Apple iPhone owner, should I upgrade to 3G? Calling all owners

The title above say’s it all really and this is a question that many people have asked, so this is where we come in and ask you this question for you to answer. We all know websites/blogs went bloody mental in the wake of the iPhone 3G announcement at WWDC last week and we would […]

AT&T does not want your old Apple iPhone when you upgrade to iPhone 3G


Well now, there are a few net whispers running round the net waves that old AT&T are planning to scoop up any old Apple iPhone from subscribers that just happen to walk into one of their stores to upgrade to the brand spanking new shiny Apple iPhone 3G at the hugely subsidised price of $199.00 […]

Portable mini-projector for the Apple iPhone and iPod?

iphone projector

Honlai Technology, while at Computex 25008 unveiled the OingBar MP100 LED mini projector, which is apparently compatible with Apple iPhones and Apple iPods and utilises LCoS micro-projection technology. Using the LCoS micro-projection technology the iPhone and/or iPod can project images of a size of 15 – 27 inches with up to 640 x 480 resolutions. […]