iOS 7 without skeuomorphism visualized in images & video

iOS 7 without skeuomorphism visualized

In only a few weeks time the world should see what the future holds for the iOS mobile operating system at the WWDC 2013 event, and now iOS 7 without skeuomorphism has been visualized in some images and a video. The next version of the iOS software has been designed by a team that has […]

Budget iPhone release rumours re-fired with hiring spree

Budget iPhone imminent release rumours re-fired with hiring spree

There has been a lot of talk about Apple bringing out more than one new iPhone model this year, and now a hiring spree has re-fired rumours that a budget iPhone release will be coming at some point this year. Speculation regarding a budget iPhone model coming from Apple rumble on, as now manufacturing partner […]

iOS 7 features & ideas to break Android tradition

iOS 7 features & ideas to break Android tradition

Apple is all set to announce its new operating system soon, hopefully in June at WWDC 2013. What can they do to be different from what we already have? A great start for Apple and its iOS 7 is stepping away from copying Android and all the pointless built in apps we already have. Siri […]

iPhone 5S display production reportedly ramps up before release

sharp iphone 5s production

There has been a huge amount of speculation regarding what Apple may be planning for its smartphone fans for 2013, and now reports are suggesting that production of the iPhone 5S displays have started that could possibly hint at a release getting closer. New claims have merged that LCD manufacturer Sharp is pushing up production […]

iOS 7 multitasking brilliance imagined


If you follow Apple news and are an iPhone enthusiast then you are probably very interested in iOS 7, the next major upgrade to Apple’s mobile operating system. It’s anticipated that iOS 7 will be introduced at Apple’s WWDC in June and while we wait we have another designer’s video idea for multitasking support that […]

Budget iPhone models supposedly confirmed by parts supplier

budget iphone etrader

There are always rumours surrounding the products that Apple may have in the pipeline that can often prove to be accurate in one way or another, and recently there has been numerous speculation that the company are going to launch a budget iPhone model, which has now supposedly been confirmed by a parts supplier. Rumours […]

Two new iPad mini models tipped for release by early 2014

new ipad mini models

The iPad mini has undoubtedly proven to be hugely successful for Apple despite the growing competition from the Android platform, and like any other tech company Apple will be busy working on upgrading the device. Now two new iPad mini models are being tipped for release by early 2014. There have been many rumours recently […]

iOS 7 new imagining shows promising innovative features


As Apple’s WWDC 2013 event nears there is an increasing amount of interest in the next iteration of the company’s mobile operating system, iOS 7. WWDC this year runs from June 10 to 14 and many are anticipating the first showing of iOS 7 although there have recently been reports that it may not be […]

iPhone 5 iOS 6.1.4 update and intrigue over ineffectual change


We always try to give information about operating system updates and if you have an iOS device you may have heard about the iOS 4.1.2 update that has just been released. This iOS 6.1.4 update is specifically for the iPhone 5 though and there is a certain amount of intrigue about what seems to be […]

Budget iPhone rumoured to see dubious low key release

Budget iPhone rumoured to see dubious low key release

We have heard speculation about a new cheaper version of the Apple iPhone for a long time now, and this rumour mill has recently kicked into life again over the last few months. The latest information is suggesting that a Budget iPhone will see a dubious low key release so Apple can test the waters […]