5 iPhone 6 Tricks You Should Know


The iPhone 6 is still going from strength to strength. Although the first four weeks after the launch saw an astonishing 21 million units sold, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models are still selling in their millions. Since the phone has been around for a while, most people have become accustomed to a […]

iPad Mini 4 indicator from accessory leak

iPad mini 4 accessory leak

We’re already hearing plenty about the next Apple iPhone, likely to be the iPhone 6S or iPhone 7. However, news on the next iPad mini hasn’t been so forthcoming. The iPad mini 3 released last October so it’s likely that the iPad mini 4 will arrive this fall. Now we’ve seen an iPad mini 4 […]

iPhone 6S tantalizer comes with specs

iPhone 6S tantalizer design c

There’s plenty of focus on the next iPhone, likely to be the iPhone 6S although many are referring to it as the iPhone 7. If expectations bear out, the new iPhone for 2015 will be revealed in September, and we’re already seeing an increasing number of leaks and rumors about the device. One thing we’ve […]

iPhone 7 release realism, miss the 6S

iPhone 7 release realism, miss iPhone 6S b

Some smartphone enthusiasts may have been hoping for news on new iPhones at Apple’s recent WWDC event, but we never expected that to happen. We did hear more about iOS 9 though, and there are already plenty of rumors circulating about the iPhone 6S launch later this year. However, we wanted to take a moment […]

iPhone 7 or 6S bezel-free display prospect

iPhone 7 or 6S bezel-free display prospect

Rumors and leaks are already in motion for the Apple iPhone 6S release this year and also the iPhone 7 that we expect to see in 2016. Although nothing is official yet, a new patent discusses an iPhone 7 or 6S bezel-free display prospect. This would certainly give a whole new look to the iPhone, […]

iPhone 4S on iOS 9 beta 1 review

iPhone 4S iOS 9 beta 1 review

At Apple’s WWDC last week we saw the official introduction to iOS 9. The update won’t reach a public release until fall but the first beta has already been made available to developers for testing. We’ve already shown some tasters of iOS 9 running on an iPhone 6, but it can be good to see […]

iOS 8.4 beta 4 vs iOS 9 beta 1 benchmark speed on iPhone 6

iOS 8.4 beta 4 vs iOS 9 beta 1

Apple’s iOS 9 may be the biggest topic of the tech world at the moment, but before it releases to the public we’ll see the release of iOS 8.4 at the end of June. Apple has just seeded the first beta of iOS 9 to developers, and just afterwards iOS 8.4 beta 4 was also […]

iPhone 6 on iOS 9 beta 1 vs iOS 8.4 beta 3 bootup speeds

iPhone 6 iOS 9 beta 1 vs iOS 8.4 beta 3

Although iOS 9 won’t make a public release until fall, the first beta has already seeded to developers. Although many are focused on iOS 9 it’s worth pointing out that iOS 8.4 will be the next version of Apple’s mobile operating system to release. It can be interesting to see how speeds compare with different […]

Top new iOS 9 features shown on video

Best iOS 9 features

The tech world is buzzing today following the official introduction of Apple’s iOS 9 at WWDC yesterday. The new major version of the operating system has plenty to offer and there are still more hidden gems to find. We’ve already given the essential details of iOS 9, and now we’re looking at the top new […]

iPhone 6 price of just $1 with Best Buy trade-in deal

iPhone 6 price

Apple’s WWDC kicked off yesterday but no new iPhones are expected to be revealed until later in the year. In the meantime there are some who may want the iPhone 6 but haven’t got round to purchasing it just yet. Now we have news of an iPhone 6 price of just $1 with a Best […]