The LEGO Mindstorms Programming app has arrived for Mobiles

lego mindstorms programming app

Regardless of age, most of us have played with LEGO’s at some point. The popular blocks are pretty high-tech these days as well thanks to Mindstorms. Well, if you’ve longed to do a bit of Mindstorms programming from your mobile device, that day has finally arrived with the official LEGO Mindstorms Programming app.

Facebook Notify app launches for iOS

Facebook Notify App

If you’re reading this article, there is a very strong chance you have a Facebook account or have had one in the past. Facebook has dipped their toes into the app waters several times before, and today they’ve unveiled the Facebook Notify app for folks on iOS.

Amazon Prime Music update adds Android Wear support

amazon logo

Most of the bigger players on the mobile scene don’t play well together. Apple is notorious for that, but Amazon isn’t far behind when it comes to Android and Google Play. Well, they have loosened up a bit as you can now use Amazon Prime Music with your fancy new Android Wear smartwatch.

Nintendo Miitomo app unveiled as the first mobile Nintendo title

Yesterday the internet got excited over news of the first mobile Nintendo game, but we steered clear for a good reason. Today, the company announced the Nintendo Miitomo app, and it most definitely isn’t the Nintendo “game” you’ve been waiting for.

Apple Music for Android release nears, previewed through screenshots


Apple and Android don’t generally play well together, but a number of apps and services have made the transition this year. Apple Music for Android hasn’t been one of them, but some new screenshots show an official release may be coming soon.

Samsung Gear S2 Experience app lets you virtually sample the Gear S2

samsung gear s2 app

Choosing a smartwatch isn’t easy for most, especially if you don’t have one in-hand. The new Samsung Gear S2 Experience app actually gives folks a way to try before they buy without having to hassle with shipping or paperwork.

Samsung S Health app brings Fitness Tracking to additional devices

samsung s health app

If you rock a Samsung device with a fingerprint scanner, you’re probably very familiar with the Samsung S Health app. If you’d like to acquaint yourself with the service but have been left out of the loop today’s your lucky day.

Amazon Underground app launched with $10,000 worth of freebies

Amazon Underground App

One of the big draws of the Amazon App store is their free App of the Day promo, which has apparently come to an end today. The Amazon Underground app has swooped in to replace the old freebie-based setup, and it’s arrived with a slew of free Android games and apps.

Hands-Free Tinder app coming to Apple Watch and Android Wear


If you are single and own a smartphone, you have probably come across Tinder – it’s pretty popular. Well, a new type of Tinder app may soon be on the way as reports suggest a version geared for the Apple Watch is in the works.

Amazon Free app promo offers up $50 in freebies through July 1st

amazon logo

It’s time for another Amazon Free app promotion, and today we’re getting $50 worth of free paid games and apps. Today’s free “app of the day” is nothing to scoff at either if you like games with a lot of style.