The Insurgent VR app has landed on Google Play

insurgent vr app

Regardless of where you reside on this big, beautiful world of ours, there’s a chance you’ve heard of the Divergent Series. The first film from the popular books was released last year, and ahead of the second film’s release we are getting an interesting app to promote the film. If you happened to own a Google Cardboard or other VR-based headset, you will definitely want to check out the Insurgent VR app.

The YouTube Kids app has arrived for Android and iOS

YouTube Kids app

If you own a smartphone, you probably have the YouTube app installed, and it’s one of the most used mobile applications on the planet. It isn’t always a good thing to have unlocked if you have kids, as there are plenty of videos not safe for children out there. If you keep your kids away from YouTube, you can now turn them loose thanks to the new YouTube Kids app.

Amazon offering up 37 free Android apps including 80 days and Sorcery! 2

Every so often, Amazon enjoys putting up dozens of free Android apps and games, and today they’ve done just that ahead of Valentine’s Day. While the new promo doesn’t have a name, they are giving away up to $140 worth of free Android apps.

The High There! App brings online dating to Stoners

High There! App

Depending on what part of the word you reside in, marijuana may be illegal. Things are starting to loosen up a bit for folks in the United States, and as weed slowly becomes decriminalized, entrepreneurs are popping up in some unlikely areas. Mobile apps is one of those areas, and the new High There! App is bringing the world of online dating to stoners.

The Xpire app for Android finally arrives


In today’s age of social media one thing is for certain, once you put it out there, it’s out there. Whether you tweet or post on Facebook, we’ve all said something we’ve wanted to take back, and the Xpire app can lend you a hand with that. It can’t take back your posts, but it can make them self-destruct…

Mobile App of the Month: The DeviantArt App

DeviantArt App

If you are an artist that owns a computer, there’s a good chance you have an account on DeviantArt or DA as a lot of us call it. You also know that as awesome as the site is, they’ve never had a proper mobile app. That changed earlier this month and with that in mind, we’ve picked the new DeviantArt App for our top mobile app of the month.

The Nike Golf 360 App for Android is now available for download

Nike Golf 360 App

Golf apps have come a long way in a very short time, and one of more popular ones is the Nike Golf 360 app. iOS users have been enjoying it for a couple of years, and yesterday the Nike Golf 360 app for Android became available on Google Play.

DraftKings App update brings a new style to the table


Fantasy sports may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is an extremely popular pastime that’s getting more popular by the day. Football season is winding down, but that means nothing in the world of daily Fantasy Sports. We took a look at the official DraftKings app back in October, and earlier the week it got a major overhaul with a new DraftKings app update.

Chromecast app update adds Guest Mode and Screen Casting


A lot of people own a Chromecast, it is a very popular gadget. We’re pleased to say that thanks to a new Chromecast app update, the little streaming dongle is going to get some more fans. Google has just rolled out a Chromecast update, and users are going to get a feature they’ve longed for.

The AirDroid 3 app is official and ready for Primetime

AirDroid 3 app

It’s been a while since we checked in on the AirDroid app, but it finally left its Beta tag behind. The AirDroid 3 app is official, and it is an app you’ll want to download if you enjoy screencasting.