Microsoft releases the XIM app for iOS, Android and Windows

XIM app

We’re big fans of cross-platform applications as it’s no fun to see one OS get a cool app as an exclusive. Microsoft and Fuse Labs feel the same way, and today they’ve released the XIM app across the Windows, Android and iOS platforms.

The MyNBA2K15 app arrives for Android and iOS


We have seen a wealth of trading card games in the app stores over the years, and they usually don’t involve sports. Nobody told 2K games that, and they’ve just released a new card-based sports game/tie-in app with the MyNBA2K15 app.

Amazon offering up over $130 worth of Android Games and Apps for Free

Amazon Apps store

Like a good deal and own an Android device? If so, Amazon has put up a nice little promotion that’s offering up well over $100 bucks worth of free games and apps. It’s a limited time deal, and we’re going to give you a quick rundown of the sale.

New WhatsApp features in Sept iPhone update

whatsapp ios

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard of or used WhatsApp. As with any great app, fans want new WhatsApp features, and we’re pleased to say the minds behind the app have delivered with the new WhatsApp iPhone update for September.

The Best Fantasy Football Apps for Android

best fantasy football apps for android

The NFL season kicked off on Thursday night, and we’ve got a full slate of games ahead of us on Sunday. If Fantasy Football is your thing, there are plenty of Fantasy apps to choose from on Google Play. With that in mind we’ve compiled a quick list of the Best Fantasy Football Apps for Android.

Push for Pizza App is a Godsend for the Lazy or Indecisive

push for pizza app

Ordering a pizza can take ages, especially when children or indecisive friends are involved. The minds behind Push for Pizza aim to change that once slice at a time, and the Push for Pizza iPhone app may soon become your new best friend.

Amazon Appstore launches in 41 new Countries

amazon appstore

Google Play may be the most popular App Store on the Android side of things, but Amazon is making moves to bring their offerings to the masses. Today the company rolled out the Amazon Appstore to 41 new regions which brings their total to well over 200.

Get your Jaws on with the Sharknado: Go Shark Yourself app

go shark yourself

Sharknado is one of those phenomenons that nobody expected. The silly Syfy flick has done quite well for itself, so well that it’s gotten its own app before the release of the sequel Sharknado 2. Ready to make yourself mincemeat with Sharknado: Go Shark Yourself?

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 app gets further detailed


In the middle of last month we told readers about the new Angry Birds Star Wars 2 (II) app and revealed some initial details about the game. Today Angry Birds Star Wars 2 has been further retailed by Rovio and a new “Join the Pork Side” video has been released, which you can view below […]

Jessops administration 2013 may mean apps cease to work

jessops administration 2013

Since the credit crunch first hit us back towards the end of 2008 we have been left with numerous companies going to the wall, and the retail industry in the UK has been practically badly hit. This all started with Woolworths that closed down a few months before its one hundredth anniversary, and more recently […]