AT&T Unveil New Plans: 3G network to 7.2 HSPA Upgrade


Plans to upgrade their 3G network to 7.2 HSPA in various markets across the US by the end of the year have been unveiled by AT&T. Cities that have the luck on their side are Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and Miami, don’t worry if you don’t live in any of those cities the upgrade […]

AT&T U-verse in Baton Rouge for Home Phones and more


Great news for Baton Rouge residents as they now have a choice for their television and communication services. AT&T have just announced the launch of a new service AT&T U-verse (SM) services in part of the Baton Rouge area. The AT&T U verse services are being delivered over the advanced Internet Protocol (IP) network. This […]

Apple and AT&T in trouble over lacking MMS on iPhone


I’m sure we can all remember at the iPhone 3GS launch the talks about how AT&T would provide MMS service this summer. Well we’re halfway through August and there is no sign whatsoever of MMS in the U.S. on Apple’s latest smartphones. People in Louisiana are more than just a little peeved about it, so […]

New Viva Mexico Calling Plans Introduced by AT&T

New Viva Mexico Calling Plans Introduced by AT&T

AT&T has now introduced new calling plans for their customers who frequently ring Mexico and is called the “Viva Mexico” plan according to phone scoop. The AT&T Viva Mexico plan bundles 1000 anytime minutes which can be used in US and Mexico, a complete obliteration of international long distance rates and also to rollover on […]

AT&T nearly killed themselves by blocking 4chan site


It was reported yesterday that AT&T were on the verge of committing web suicide as they had tried to block access to the 4Chan site. The site is a home for Internet pranksters and hackers and it seemed AT&T had had enough and had started the first shot of war between themselves and 4Chan’s user […]

AT&T exclusivity iPhone being looked at by US Government

AT&T exclusivity iPhone being looked at by US Government

According to an article over on theiphoneblog the US Senate is looking into mobile phone exclusivity deals such as the one between AT&T and Apple for the iPhone. The US Senate’s Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation is looking into how these exclusivity deals balance with technology innovation, consumer competition, business freedoms, and any effect […]

Should Apple with its iPhone dump AT&T?


Following a disappointing performance at WWDC and the activation issues with the launching of the Apple iPhone last week we are all wondering whether or not Apple should divorce or keep AT&T. The carrier AT&T have not exactly been getting positive reactions from legions of Twitter-using members and once again is the target of waves […]

AT&T goes truly nationwide with TerreStar Satellite coverage

AT&T goes truly nationwide with TerreStar Satellite coverage

According to an article on pcworld, AT&T will achieve true nationwide coverage by the end of this year when it introduces their planned service that uses both mobile and satellite services. Apparently, AT&T will resell satellite service and mobile phones from TerreStar Networks, a startup which is set to launch its first satellite on the […]

AT&T Quickfire is back with less price and no flames

AT&T Quickfire is back with less price and no flames

Some time ago AT&T pulled all Quickfire mobile handsets due to fire risk, well now according to an article on engadget mobile, the AT&T Quickfire is back and a version that isn’t expected to burst into flames no doubt. Originally the AT&T Quickfire was offered at $100 on contract before being pulled, but now with […]

AT&T iPhone Tethering: Additional $55 per month, MMS coming July


AT&T Tethering as we have just found out is going to cost an additional $55 per month with MMS coming in July. Although this is a rumour via the internet I am sure you will agree this is quite expensive although MMS is rumoured to be launched in mid July which is much more plausible. […]