AT&T Quickfire gets in-depth review and pictured

AT&T Quickfire gets in-depth review and pictured

The AT&T Quickfire resembles a SideKick and seems to be a tad weighty handset with a large touchscreen. The guys over at phonescoop have done quite an in-depth review with the AT&T Quickfire. Overall they seem to be quite impressed with the Quickfire and have stated that it “almost makes good on all that it […]

Single OS for smartphones desired by AT&T, possibly Symbian

Single OS for smartphones desired by AT&T, possibly Symbian

The word coming out of AT&T is that they hope to standardise on a singular operating system for their AT&T branded smartphones, and this they say is part of a “dramatic consolidation” of their mobile platforms to be made over the next few years. Basically, AT&T believes the smartphone will become the largest portion of […]

AT&T layoffs: 12,000 staff to go

AT T layoffs: 12,000 staff to go

AT&T (NYSE:T) the American Telecoms giant announced today they will lay off 12,000 of its staff due to recent economic conditions. This equates to 4 percent of its total workforce losing their jobs. AT T are also reducing its capital expenditures for 2009, full information on the reductions will be stated in the telecommunications companies […]

Quickfire in silver available for $99.00 with AT&T


The Quickfire, also known as the Knick is now available from AT&T, both online and in store. AT&T is offering quite a deal on the AT&T Quickfire in Silver for new subscribers who can gain the Quickfire for just $99.99 when signing a two year agreement. The AT&T Quickfire offers the buyer 3G connectivity, 1.3 […]

AT&T officially release the AT&T Quickfire


AT&T has officially announced their Quickfire, which will be available for a price tag of $99.99 with a 2 year agreement, and has been developed for AT&T by Personal Communications Devices LLC. Vice president of Voice and Data Services for AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets, Mark Collins, says: “The AT&T Quickfire is perfect for texting […]

AT&T purchase Centennial Communications Corp for $944m


AT&T has purchased Centennial Communications Corp for the sum of $944 million, and if the deal closes it will bring Centennial’s 1.1 million customers under the AT&T umbrella adding to their customer base of 74.9 million. President and CEO of AT&T Mobility, Ralph de la Vega, said: “This transaction enhances network coverage for our consumer […]

AT&T Quickfire now on sale

AT&T Quickfire now on sale

Can you believe it the AT&T Quickfire is already on sale at a secret AT&T wireless store, we can’t disclose where but we have the photo’s to prove it. However as of yet there has been no official release date of the Quickfire but as the store received the device they started to sell them. […]

Samsung upcoming handsets for US


Always nice to know what is coming, so how about the Samsung line-up for the next few months for the US. The guys over at PhoneArena have just done that and posted what much be virtually Samsung’s complete list for the US market. So here’s what you can expect to hit the US market in […]

Apple iPhone gains AT&T mobile banking app


The Apple iPhone and Apple iPod Touch can now receive a mobile banking app via the Apple iTunes App Store that has been launched by AT&T. With the AT&T mobile banking for iPhone application, users will be able to manage their finances. Once downloaded, users will be able to check their balance, check transaction history, […]

AT&T Quickfire 3G Sidekick Killer out November 10th


As the BlackBerry Storm is grabbing all the news lately it’s quite easy to overlook another mobile phone, and one such phone about to hit AT&T is the reminiscent PCD sourced Quickfire, and should be with AT&T in a couple of days. This means they have made good on their promise to deliver the Quickfire […]