AT&T Quickfire now on sale

AT&T Quickfire now on sale

Can you believe it the AT&T Quickfire is already on sale at a secret AT&T wireless store, we can’t disclose where but we have the photo’s to prove it. However as of yet there has been no official release date of the Quickfire but as the store received the device they started to sell them. […]

Samsung upcoming handsets for US


Always nice to know what is coming, so how about the Samsung line-up for the next few months for the US. The guys over at PhoneArena have just done that and posted what much be virtually Samsung’s complete list for the US market. So here’s what you can expect to hit the US market in […]

Apple iPhone gains AT&T mobile banking app


The Apple iPhone and Apple iPod Touch can now receive a mobile banking app via the Apple iTunes App Store that has been launched by AT&T. With the AT&T mobile banking for iPhone application, users will be able to manage their finances. Once downloaded, users will be able to check their balance, check transaction history, […]

AT&T Quickfire 3G Sidekick Killer out November 10th


As the BlackBerry Storm is grabbing all the news lately it’s quite easy to overlook another mobile phone, and one such phone about to hit AT&T is the reminiscent PCD sourced Quickfire, and should be with AT&T in a couple of days. This means they have made good on their promise to deliver the Quickfire […]

Samsung A867 Eternity Photos and Specs leaked


The Samsung A867 Eternity is due to hit AT&T, and it looks as it will be sooner rather than later because several user guide shots have been leaked to the net which virtually lets everyone know what the Samsung A867 Eternity looks like along with some informative specs. The Samsung A867 Eternity sports a 3 […]

Prices: HTC Fuze to hit AT&T on 11th November


It appears that we are only days away from seeing the HTC Fuze officially hit AT&T, and Boy Genius Report has managed to get hold of some useful documentation which suggests AT&T will gain the HTC Fuze on November the 11th. The AT&T branded HTC Fuze Windows Mobile 6.1 handset will command a price of […]

Does AT&T want Google Android platform: AT&T CEO says no


There has been some considerable whispering over Ralph de la Vega, AT&T’s CEO of Mobility and Consumer markets announced that AT&T will be releasing a Google Android platform mobile phone in the near future. However, according to the San Francisco Chronicle website, de la Vega isn’t so enamoured with the idea of Android, so this […]

Do you want a BlackBerry Bold for FREE? Well LetsTalk

Do you want a BlackBerry Bold for FREE? Well LetsTalk

The BlackBerry Bold 9000 for free? Can this be possible? Well according to the guys over at they will give the stylish BlackBerry from Research in Motion (RIM) for nothing as long as you sign up for a 2-year deal with AT&T. Given that the fact that the BlackBerry Bold would cost you $199.99 […]

Pantech Slate text orientated phone on AT&T


Pantech Wireless has announced the availability of the Pantech Slate, which is the world’s slimmest QWERTY keyboard toting mobile phone, and the Pantech Slate supports AT&T’s new line of quick messaging devices. The Pantech Slate measures under one centimetre in thickness with a premium build and has been custom manufactured for sending pictures and texts, […]

HTC Fuse hits AT&T come November 28th


A kind member of Xda developer’s forum has kindly posted several images of the HTC Fuse with is headed for AT&T, and also shares a bit of information. The HTC Fuse is well, the HTC Touch Pro on the AT&T wireless network but apparently doesn’t carry a customised TouchFLO 3D interface. The HTC Fuse will […]