BBM for Android, iPhone and sales impact reinforced


Over the past couple of weeks we have kept you updated on news surrounding BBM for Android and iPhone’s iOS, although a few of our readers wondered how BlackBerry might earn a revenue stream from the chat app on competitor platforms. After looking at the different revenue opportunities for BlackBerry, we then followed up with […]

BBM for Android release tipped, iOS may be sooner

BBM for Android release tipped, iOS may be sooner

A couple of months ago BlackBerry shocked the mobile world with the announcement that it would be making its popular messaging service available for rival smartphone platforms. Now the BBM for Android release date is being tipped while iOS may come sooner. Previously rumours suggested that the BBM app for Android and iOS would be […]

BBM for Android, iPhone face existing dominance


The BBM launch excitement for Android and iPhone is clear, especially within schools where teens are talking about the cool BlackBerry Messenger features they like and want to see on iOS and Android phones. While there is a certain amount of success expected thanks to those that already desire to download the BBM app on […]

BBM for Android and iPhone potentially damaging


Earlier this week we looked at the potential competitors that BBM for Android and iPhone might face. This article looked at some of the user figures for popular chat apps, which included WhatsApp, WeChat and Viber. These popular IM apps have put BBM to shame in terms of user figures, although this is in part […]

BBM for iPhone and Android in numerous battles


It is no secret that BBM for Android and iPhone would help BlackBerry a lot in terms of revenue, and it would be a stream of income that would be extremely appreciated right now. This is why BlackBerry promised the BBM app would launch on iPhone and Android by the end of summer. While it […]

BBM launch for Android, iPhone popular with teens


We have been talking about BBM for Android and iPhone this weekend in the office, and a few of the Phones Review team have teenagers in school that own BlackBerrys, iPhones and also Android smartphones. It seems that the popularity in BlackBerry Messenger is still clear with teens. You can find a number of popular […]

Android vs iPhone’s iOS highlighted by fake BBM app


Whenever we speak about the Android vs. iOS platforms, or devices that run these operating systems, we receive comments from readers who are staunchly in favor of one over the other. Many people are fiercely loyal to their platform of choice, but the differences of Android vs. iPhone’s iOS has been highlighted once more by […]

WhatsApp users: BBM Android, iPhone release is too late

WhatsApp users- BBM Android, iPhone release is too late

In one of our earlier articles we reported that the BBM release date for Android and iPhone looks set to fall on June 27th, but this has caused mixed feelings across the globe. BBM for Android and iPhone will have to go up against the likes of WhatsApp, which is already a cross-platform application and […]

Google Hangouts app (Replaces Talk) vs BBM on Android, iOS

Google Hangouts replaces Talk vs BBM on Android, iPhone

We all know Google Talk aka GTalk and GChat oh so well, and this is a highly popular instant messaging platform that we even use on a daily basis to keep in contact with business friends. Things have now changed and now Google Hangouts (replaces Talk) app is now available, but how will the fair […]

BBM iOS and Android release – clever or madness?

BBM iOS and Android release, cross platform madness

Blackberry has just announced at the Live 2013 event that it will release BBM on Android and iOS this summer, this means millions will be able to chat over BBM soon. The question is “Is this cross platform madness or is it a clever move by BlackBerry?” Many BlackBerry users have friends that use Android […]