BlackBerry 10 touchscreen keyboard video could win over diehards


The fact that RIM has an awful lot riding on the success of the upcoming BlackBerry 10 operating system and devices running it is no secret. We have had our doubts over the last months whether BB10 would really be enough to turn RIM’s fortunes around but recent news has been more encouraging. In the […]

BlackBerry 10 tutorial videos leak for L-Series


A subject that is particularly interesting at the moment for many in the mobile industry is the upcoming BlackBerry 10 operating system and the devices that will run it. We’ve been bringing plenty of news about the BlackBerry 10 OS, due in Q1 next year, and now we have some details about some leaked tutorial […]

BlackBerry 10 smartphone seepage show L-series & N-series


We’ve been following the ailing fortunes of RIM’s BlackBerry platform and have noted many times recently that the company seems to placing all bets on the upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS, due in the fall. Although we’ve heard dribs and drabs of rumored BlackBerry 10 handsets today a leak has seeped out further information about what […]