RIM BlackBerry App World next generation download


If you currently use a BlackBerry device then this should interest you somewhat. RIM Research In Motion have ladled a verbal taste of the so called next generation of App World. Yes that’s right, according to an article posted over at cnet.com RIM announced this just a day before the BlackBerry WES conference kicks off. […]

Support Avon Breast Cancer with a Pink OtterBox Strength case for BlackBerry


We all no somebody around us that has either been affected directly themselves by Cancer or no somebody else that has, and for those many millions of lives that have been touched by Cancer in whichever way you’ll all agree that Strength is a lot more than just a word. An article over at earthtimes.org […]

WES 2010 shows BlackBerry Pinball Deluxe


We all love those exciting shows and a show like WES is just no different. As the conference got underway all were expecting some announcements from Research in Motion. A great reason for anybody to attend these all important conferences is to get the information first hand and see what is being announced officially at […]

April fools day texts & messages


April fools day is here again and we have some great entertaining pranks to brighten up your day. There are a number of different ways to have a laugh and some are free for the iPhone the fake conversation. There is also Fake A Call $1 for iPhone and Android phones. The idea behind these […]

BlackBerry Updates: Curve 8900 OS and Curve 8530 OS


Thanks to the guys over at intomobile.com for details of this BlackBerry update. A few updates have been noticed during the weekend in relation to BlackBerry operating system updates. There are two in particular that we have for you and the links can be got from intomobile. The first one is OS which is […]

BlackBerry OS 6.0 emerges allegedly


Research in Motion the Canadian mobile phone maker as we know is already planning to enhance the experience it offers to its users through new software solutions and devices. An article over on news.softpedia.com gives us the latest. Some screenshots claimed to be the upcoming BlackBerry OS 6.0 have been leaked, and at a glance […]

BlackBerry Warning: BBM service users being watched


It is quite apparent that there are some Middle Eastern Countries that have a kind of love hate relationship with BlackBerry handsets as reported over on itp.net There are some people in the region that do simply love their BlackBerry mobiles and wouldn’t want to change. Recent research carried out by Motally has stated that […]

BlackBerry gets BBC iPlayer through Wi-Fi


Great news for all BlackBerry users out there as we hear you can now have BBC iPlayer on your devices. You can now catch up on the programmes you may have missed, while to others it appears you are just checking your emails etc. That is thanks to the new BlackBerry friendly BBC iPlayer web […]

Rim announce new software Blackberry Enterprise server Express


A new software has been announced by RIM Research In Motion that will allow BlackBerry devices to synchronise with Microsoft Windows Small Business Server. What’s more it is going to be offered free of charge. Its intention is so that companies can look at a very cost effective way of keeping on top of those […]

Azzurri Communications partner with 02 for better support


Great news for smartphone users everywhere as an announcement that Azzurri Communications are partnering with 02 and this will ensure better support for smartphone users. This move will provide better support for iPhone, BlackBerry and Palm Pre users. Azzurri will manage a base of 02 customers and thy will aim to focus its mobile operations […]