BlackBerry Warning: BBM service users being watched


It is quite apparent that there are some Middle Eastern Countries that have a kind of love hate relationship with BlackBerry handsets as reported over on There are some people in the region that do simply love their BlackBerry mobiles and wouldn’t want to change. Recent research carried out by Motally has stated that […]

BlackBerry gets BBC iPlayer through Wi-Fi


Great news for all BlackBerry users out there as we hear you can now have BBC iPlayer on your devices. You can now catch up on the programmes you may have missed, while to others it appears you are just checking your emails etc. That is thanks to the new BlackBerry friendly BBC iPlayer web […]

Rim announce new software Blackberry Enterprise server Express


A new software has been announced by RIM Research In Motion that will allow BlackBerry devices to synchronise with Microsoft Windows Small Business Server. What’s more it is going to be offered free of charge. Its intention is so that companies can look at a very cost effective way of keeping on top of those […]

Azzurri Communications partner with 02 for better support


Great news for smartphone users everywhere as an announcement that Azzurri Communications are partnering with 02 and this will ensure better support for smartphone users. This move will provide better support for iPhone, BlackBerry and Palm Pre users. Azzurri will manage a base of 02 customers and thy will aim to focus its mobile operations […]

For BlackBerry Beta 4


Have you ever modified your BlackBerry OS well if you have dabbled then you may well be familiar with the BlackBerry Master Control Program. If your not that familiar then let me explain, basically it is a great application for your computer that may be able to help you to get at some of the […]

Getting Hot iPhone clone wars


There is some new evidence emerging that shows iPhone clones are getting a second wind, just as it seemed like none of the iPhone copycats that have been seen hitting the markets, actually stood a chance against Apple’s smartphone. Over the past 14 months, there has been more and more iPhone lookalikes out there , […]

BlackBerry new version for Nimbuzz


Great news for BlackBerry users out there, as Nimbuzz announces a new version of its Chat and VoIP application for BlackBerry smartphones. It is very different from it’s predecessor as it runs an a native application. The expectations are the same as before to allow toy to seamlessly stay in touch with your friends and […]

Cyber Monday 2009 BlackBerry Micro USB Vehicle Charger Deal


For those of you that spend a lot of time on the road you will know just how important it is to have a fully charged BlackBerry smartphone. Now thanks to the BlackBerry Micro USB Vehicle charger it is even easier for you to keep your BlackBerry fully charged wherever and whenever you go out. […]

Thanksgiving sale BlackBerry 35% off


As we are all aware by now, the crack berry forums are always great for old and new BlackBerry users alike. However, not everybody has the time to spend searching around the forums for all the information at all points in time. Some would prefer a video or book in order to learn more about […]

New Services Platform for BlackBerry Devs unveiled by RIM

New Services Platform for BlackBerry Devs unveiled by RIM

Apparently, Research In Motion has unveiled a new platform to help BlackBerry developers create new revenue streams for their offerings whilst keeping things effective and easy for the user reports Crackberry. With such stuff as payment, advertising content push and new location services being only a glimpse at what BlackBerry developers and users will be […]