BBM release for Android and iOS mistimed


It seems an age ago that BlackBerry announced that its BlackBerry Messenger service was going cross-platform with the launch of a BBM app for Android and iPhone. We’re still waiting for the apps to appear but it’s becoming clear that the BBM release for Android and iOS has been mistimed. BBM was a huge force […]

BBM for Android uncertain, iPhone app imminent


If you’re an Android or iOS device owner and have been waiting for the BlackBerry Messenger app to arrive, then you will know that it has seemed a long wait. BlackBerry originally stated that the apps would be available in the summer, so they should be arriving very soon. Now it appears that the release […]

BBM Android app shown on video pre-release


It’s no exaggeration to say that there’s a lot of interest right now in BBM for Android and iOS apps that are due to release shortly. The BlackBerry Messenger service is about to go cross-platform for the iPhone and Android devices, and hot on the heels of previous leaks the BBM Android app has now […]

BlackBerry woes continue on reported T-Mobile decision


It’s no secret that the launch of BB10 and the devices running it, hasn’t been the big success story that BlackBerry desperately needed. It was hoped that the new operating system would revive BlackBerry’s ailing fortunes, but it now seems that BlackBerry woes could be worsening following reports of a decision that T-Mobile has made. […]

BBM landing page for Android and iOS arrives


The BlackBerry Messenger Service is coming to Android and iPhone soon, but at this stage nobody knows exactly when. We’ve had several signs recently that the BBM release for those platforms is closer, but news today that the BBM landing page for Android and iOS has arrived is the most promising yet. Our previous BBM […]

BBM Android release tantalized by Samsung


The BBM app launch for Android and iOS devices has been stirring up a lot of anticipation. We know the BlackBerry Messenger service is going cross-platform this summer, but a precise date has still not been supplied. However, Samsung is now tantalizing the BBM Android release, so hopefully it won’t be too much longer until […]

BBM app for Android and iOS could complicate things


The well-documented wait for the BBM service for Android and iOS devices is creating a fair amount of attention at the moment. Many people are eager to start using BBM cross-platform, and we know from the many comments we’ve received that the release can’t come soon enough for some. However, is it the case that […]

BBM app release for Android, iOS one step closer


One of the questions Phones Review is being asked most often recently concerns a release date for the BBM apps for iPhone and Android devices. BlackBerry previously stated they would arrive this summer, so they could appear any time, but many are eagerly waiting for more news. Now it seems BlackBerry has slipped up as […]

BBM vital on Android, iPhone during decline


The BBM app for Android and iPhone could be a new direction for BlackBerry, and certainly one that is needed after their smartphone market share continues to decline. New reports highlight this fact along with painting a not so pretty picture of BlackBerry’s future and recent phone launches that haven’t gone as well as some […]

BlackBerry shares leap prompted by strategy shift


BlackBerry had big hopes for its future fortunes with the release this year of the new BlackBerry 10 operating system and devices running it. Although new phones such as the BlackBerry Z10 and others have been generally well received by BlackBerry fans, they haven’t exactly sparked a major turnaround just yet. However, news of a […]