Asus ZenFone 2 Deluxe Special Edition announced with 256GB of storage

zenfone deluxe special edition

We’ve spent a lot of time lamenting over the loss of microSD card slots in flagships this year. If you long for a device with lots of storage, Asus has the answer with the upcoming Asus ZenFone 2 Deluxe Special Edition.

Moto G 4G (2015) price and release for some

Moto G 4G (2015)

The second-generation Motorola Moto G (2014) hit the shelves last September in both single SIM and dual SIM models. In December we reported on signs that a 4G LTE Moto G 2nd gen was on the way and without any fanfare the device has already gone on sale. We have details of the Moto G […]

Moto Maxx launching in Brazil, Mexico and Latin America

moto maxx

Motorola had an announced scheduled for Brazil today where the company was expected to show off the upcoming Moto Maxx. Well, they just put up a blog post and the Moto Maxx will be coming to three regions with Brazil, Mexico and Latin America.

Moto Maxx possibly making a comeback with Global version of Droid Turbo

droid maxx invite

We have some very interesting news today out of Brazil, especially if you were impressed with the Droid Turbo. Motorola is holding an event in the country for a new handset, and it looks like it may just be a global version of Verizon’s new flagship.

Samsung Galaxy S2 TV release jealously

Samsung Galaxy S2 TV release jealously

Back in 2011 Samsung launched the Galaxy S2 which was arguably the handset that put the company firmly on the smartphone map, now two years later another variant has emerged in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S2 TV, which could bring some release jealously among some users. The handset that you can see on […]

Gradiente iPhone Neo One & Brazilian Conflict

Gradiente iPhone Neo One & Brazilian Conflict

The Gradiente iPhone Neo One is still on sale for those in Brazil, a smartphone that has the same name aka iPhone as Apple and it seems Apple cannot do anything at all about this. The huge company with the fruit logo had a massive costly conflict in the trademark battle in Brazil over use […]

iPhone Neo One by IGB in Brazil, hello lawsuit

iPhone Neo One by IGB in Brazil, hello lawsuit

Let’s face it Apple isn’t new to the game of defending their ownership of trademarks especially when it comes to other companies claiming they own such trademarks as iPad and iPhone, and usually in the end one way or the other Apple comes out on top when a lawsuit is handed down. And it appears […]

Java ME app in beta launched by Skype


A Java ME based app that allows mobile phone users to make low-cost calls and chat with Skype friends has just been launched by Skype. The application is still in beta, the Skype mobile “thin” client works on roughly 50 of the most popular Java enabled mobile handsets from the likes of Nokia, Samsung, Motorola […]

India has Mobile Phone Street Repair Service

Street Repair Service

Big business apparently in India, technicians in the street repair service for mobile phones can actually gain a full-fledged diploma for it from a “Mobile Repairing Institute.” Apparently, Jan Chipchase leads a team for Nokia which are trying to bring down the cost of phones for emerging markets, apparently an effort which is also eco-friendly. […]

Nokia and Renault join forces to help Brazilian auto buyers

What do you get if you combine Nokia N95, Nokia Maps and accessories and a special edition automobile? Well what you get is a brand new special edition Sandero. A brand new and first Renault motorcar will be produced in Brazil which will also come equipped with Nokia’s complete mobility solution. Read the latest Nokia […]