HP Pro Tablet 608 announced for the Business Crowd

HP Pro Tablet 608

HP may not be a brand we cover much in the mobile world, but they have plenty of tablets out there. A new one has been announced with the HP Pro Tablet 608, and it’s aimed at business-minded consumers in the U.S.

Razr reportedly acquired Android console maker Ouya


It’s been a tough road for the OUYA, an Android console many of us wanted to see succeed. Rumors of the company’s acquisition by Razer have come to a head today, as it’s been confirmed that they are now the new owners of Ouya.

BYOD productivity increase questioning

BYOD Productivity increase questioning

With people around the world becoming increasingly capable of using the various mobile devices on the market today, connecting devices is becoming increasingly difficult, with BYOD (bring your own device) becoming one of the latest buzzwords in the technology industry, and business as a whole. Companies are allowing their employees to take their own devices […]

Top 3 unique features of the Snap2PDF iPhone app

Top 3 unique features of the Snap2PDF iPhone app

Looking for a detailed app review for the iPhone app Snap2PDF’s Scan Documents and Share Searchable PDF? The Snap2PDF ranks among the top ten apps within the Business category, in several countries across the globe. This product has received rave reviews from customers and critics alike. Listed Below Are The Top 3 Unique Features Of […]

Being productive on your mobile at home and work

Being productive on your mobile for home and work

You might have a phone for pleasure purposes only. Likewise, you could be given one with your job to use for business. Many people have both – Although phones vary in make and style, the majority available on today’s market allow you to be productive outside of work hours. That is if you want to […]

Verizon vs Apple in iPhone purchase commitments


Just a few days ago we discussed how signs were promising for the iPhone 5S and 6 according to latest quarterly sales estimates. These estimates showed that despite concerns over a slowdown in top-end global smartphone sales, iPhone sales were still showing growth. However, it is now being reported that sales numbers suggest Apple’s iPhone […]

BlackBerry secure work space on Android and iOS

BlackBerry secure work space on Android and iOS

With the modern mobile technology we now use there is more sensitive information stored onto these devices as they are used for various things such as email or online banking, and now Canadian smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry is looking to help provide a more secure work space on Android and iOS. The company has today launched […]

Apple, TSMC handshake for A8 processor for 2014 iPhone

Apple, TMSC handshake for A8 processor for 2014 iPhone

Apple has long relied on bitter rival Samsung for a number of key components for its flagship iPhone, but there has long been talk that the company would change direction and source parts from elsewhere. It is now being claimed that Apple and TSMC have reached an agreement for the supply of the A8 processor […]

Jay Z and strategy for Samsung mobile deal

Jay Z and strategy for Samsung mobile deal

The strategy behind the Jay Z and Samsung mobile deal is a plan that will work well for both parties, it all sounds easy when you say Samsung purchased 1-million “Magna Carta Holy Grail” albums by Jay Z with lucky Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and Note 2 owners getting it 72 hours before the official […]

Smartphones and tablets impacting IT support requirements

Smartphones and tablets impacting IT support requirements

Over half of all Americans now own smartphones. What were once devices for the tech-savvy among us are now ubiquitous, and many people would be lost without the constant access and number of advantages their smartphones provide! The accessibility of mobile technology is so widespread that the industry shows no signs of slowing development or […]