HTC One M9 Dot View Case leaks new M9 design again

HTC One M9 Dot View Case

Not a day goes by that we don’t hear of a new HTC One M9 rumor, and we’ve already touched on one earlier today. Well, get ready for another one. A new HTC One M9 case has appeared online, and it seemingly confirms part of the design… again.

iPad Mini BookBook case now available

iPad Mini BookBook case now available

If you are the proud owner of an iPad mini then naturally you will want to keep the tiny tablet in its pristine condition for as long as possible. So perhaps you are on the lookout for a protective case for your device this festive season, or maybe your loved one has an iPad mini […]

iPhone 5 gains rear screen with popSLATE case

iPhone 5 gains rear screen with popSLATE case

So you own an iPhone 5 with its nice retina display, but what if you could have a secondary screen on the back of your iOS smartphone? With another rear screen you could make your iPhone 5 looks completely unique to other iPhones so you stand out from all the rest, and of course it […]

Design Apple iPhone 4S with ‘old school’ case


Since the new Apple iPhone 4S arrived October of last year, we’ve have given you a multitude of news be it, comparisons to present and forthcoming phones, news if any of problems experienced with the handset and accessories many being of cases.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Kenzo super-stylish case


Samsung’s Galaxy S II or S2 if you prefer released in 2011 to a much-welcomed audience of consumers. The phone took the world by storm and many wondered whether other rival handsets would struggle to keep up with its fast selling pace. Selling over and above what the South Korean company hoped to achieve, we […]

iPhone 4/4S Cellhelmet case, insurance add-on


On purchasing a new Apple iPhone, the next decision is what protection you are going to give your device, an accessory that will prevent it from getting scratched when dropped or bumped. In the past here at Phones Review, we’ve given you a whole host of information surrounding phone accessories, but none quite like this […]

Best Samsung Galaxy S2 Case (T-Mobile): Monaco Aluminum stunner

Best Samsung Galaxy S2 Case (T-Mobile): Monaco Aluminum stunner

We know just how much everyone loves their smartphone and wants to keep it protected from everyday rigors that could leave you with a scratched and scruffy looking device, that’s why there are smartphone cases out there, and we have one for the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 for your consideration today. The case for the […]

New Nokia cases, mystery Lumia phone possibility


With new phones falling out of manufacturers rafters, any glimpse of something slightly out of the ordinary can stir much speculation. This is exactly what’s happened when Jay Montano over at reported on a sneaky shot of something new from Nokia.

Vintage Twelve South BookBook Case for iPhone 4S / 4


With Apple iPhones, be it the older or newer generation 4S, we’ve been keen to report on various accessories including new cases. One that caught our eye today is that of the “Vintage Twelve South BookBook Case” for the iPhone 4S/4 smartphones.

Best protective iPhone 4S cases


Apple’s latest version of the iPhone has given us another step forward in technology. Although the 4S looks very similar in design to the previous 4, there are slight differences meaning that some of the iPhone 4 cases wont fit the new model.