Free Advent Calendar 2015 apps for Android and iOS,

Free Advent Calendar 2015 apps b

It’s December 1st and that can only mean one thing, it’s time to start opening an Advent Calendar. If you haven’t got a traditional version you might appreciate one with a modern touch that you can use with your smartphone or tablet. We’ve rounded up some free Advent Calendar 2015 apps for Android and iOS […]

Top Christmas Wishes and Greetings apps for Android

Top Christmas greetings apps

Christmas Day is now just 3 sleeps away and many of us want to share feelings of love and friendship with family and friends at this festive time. A great way of doing this is by sending Christmas wishes and greetings, and we’ve rounded up three of the best Android apps that will enable you […]

Christmas Turkey Recipe apps, iPhone and Android

Turkey recipe apps

Just in case you hadn’t yet noticed it’s coming up to CHRISTMAS!!! For many of us that means a big celebration with family and friends, and finding enough chairs to go round the table. Of course the roast turkey is often the crowning glory of Christmas dinner, and so that you can prepare to cook […]

Best Christmas Tree decoration, wallpaper and countdown apps

Christmas Tree apps

It’s that time of year again when the big guy in the red suit and white beard will soon be climbing down chimneys worldwide. For many of us the Christmas tree is one of the highlights of the holidays, and many of us can’t wait to throw on the cookies, lights and more to decorate […]

The Talking Santa Claus, Ginger app for Christmas fun

The Talking Santa Claus app for Christmas fun

We have all heard of Talking Tom, Ginger, and Ben the Dog, Harry the Hedgehog and so many more, the list is massive. So now Outfit7 want you to have some great festive cheer with Talking Santa. The Talking Santa Claus app will bring joy and smiles all round for Christmas fun, and in this […]

Santa app choice to text, email

Santa app choice to text, email

Christmas is so close now and all the little kiddies will want to send him a letter letting Santa Claus know how good they have been, and also sending in their Christmas present wish list. Sending a letter now might not get there in time as it is a very busy time of year, so […]

Elf Yourself Officemax app for Android released

Elf Yourself Officemax app for Android released

Elf Yourself by OfficeMax app has been release a while now and today Android users at last can have some fun with the little self-making elf videos. You can be the inappropriate elf, the bad or funny elf or just a plain and simple elf, dependent on what face you pull the video dances will […]

NORAD Santa Tracker app 2013 starts countdown


It’s fast approaching Christmas and that can only mean one thing, the NORAD Santa Tracker app is ready to start the countdown to Santa’s flight around the world. NORAD Tracks Santa is used by millions of people every year and the Android, Windows Phone, and iPhone apps have now received the 2013 update. The Santa […]

Amazon app choice in time for Christmas shopping


Christmas is most definitely in the air and very soon you won’t be able to go near the stores without hearing festive music and jostling piles of shoppers. While some people may love browsing in busy shopping malls, for others it’s more of a chore. That’s where Amazon app choices in time for Christmas shopping […]

Apple vs Samsung in Christmas smartphone sales war


The competition in the smartphone market is increasing all the time, and over the next few months we expect to see many more new devices added to the mix. Apple and Samsung are massive rivals, and both have upcoming phones such as the iPhone 5S and Galaxy Note 3 on the way. Today we want […]