Help! BlackBerry support complaint by Vodafone customer

Help BlackBerry support complaint by Vodafone customer

We here at Phones Review receive many emails per day, and today we thought we would share this “Customers BlackBerry Complaint” one with you. We are totally fair when we publish these sort of articles and any compnay that is mentioned within this customers review are more than welcome in having their say. Please read […]

HP TouchPad Sale Complaints: Has Your Order Been Cancelled

HP TouchPad Sale Complaints- Has Your Order Been Cancelled

Keeping this short and sweet but to the point is the HP TouchPad Sale complaints, after hundreds of emails sent to Phones Review asking many questions such as, where can I buy the tablet PC for under $100, are they sold out everywhere, and emails we are receiving the most is “My HP TouchPad I […]

T-Mobile Customer Complaints: Android Users Data Allowance Cut

T-Mobile Customer Complaints- Android Users Data Allowance Cut

T-Mobile phone users will suffer the data allowance cut set by the company; this move will hit Google Android users the most. T-Mobile is slashing its mobile data allowance from 1GB to 500MB, this reduction set by T-Mobile will anger many customers and we want to hear from you all. Google Android as said above […]

Apple Discussion Page Closed: They cannot handle iPhone 2.0 Update users

It seems Apple cannot even be bothered to chat with peed off customers about the problems with iPhone 2.0 update and iTunes or they have just crashed as well due to major complaints flying in. We are getting so many people coming to Phones Review to complain about the iTunes problem which has left their […]

Apple iPhone v1.1.3 firmware update: SMS bugs cause complaints

iphone SMS bugs

Apple iPhone v1.1.3 firmware SMS bugs. We have told you about the Apple iPhone v1.1.3 firmware a few times now with many of us getting excited about it. It has been said that it is not meeting universal praise at all from all its users. Many of you in Britain are in fact complaining that […]