Samsung Gear S4 design preview looks classy

Samsung Gear S4 design

The Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch may have only just released but some people are already looking ahead to future versions. There’s growing interest in wearable technology devices and by the time we get to a Gear S4 there will be further competition in this field. Today we’re sharing a Samsung Gear S4 design preview that […]

New iPod Pro vision features Apple Watch UI

iPod Pro vision b

Usually at Phones Review we concentrate on smartphones and tablets, but Apple iPods are also of interest to many readers. Many people would like to see something a bit different for a future iPod, and now one designer has come up with a new iPod Pro vision that uses the Apple Watch UI and is […]

Android 6.0 M for Muffin teases update possibilities

Android 6.0 Muffin idea

If you are an Android enthusiast you will already know that major upgrades to Google’s operating system are traditionally named after confectionary and desserts. It’s some months until we expect to see the Android M update unveiled but plenty of people are already turning their attention towards the next big upgrade. Today we’re sharing an […]

iPad Air 3 design takes short and squat approach

iPad Air 3 design

The Apple iPad Air 2 released last year and has received widespread praise. It’s hard to imagine how its appearance could be improved on with the next iteration, but that’s where concept designers take over to provide us with possibilities. Today we have an iPad Air 3 design to show you, that takes the short […]

HTC One M8 tablet envisioned

HTC One M8 tablet envisioned

A week ago today HTC unveiled a new flagship smartphone that will provide other Android manufacturers something to think about. There have been rumours lately that the company may rejoin the tablet PC market, and today we have a HTC One M8 tablet design that has been envisioned. The image and video that you can […]

iPhone 6 design is realistic yet futuristic

iPhone 6 design realistic and futuristic

The Apple iPhone 6 rumor mill is well and truly grinding now and we are seeing a copious amount of leaks and speculation. We’re also seeing plenty of iPhone 6 concepts and this new one that we’re showing readers today is a creative design aimed at reflecting Apple’s iPhone philosophies and desired specs, so that […]

iPhone 6 design to please the eye

iPhone 6 design to please the eye

Many of us are starting to anticipate the new iPhone for this year, commonly referred to as the Apple iPhone 6. There has already been a plentiful supply of leaks and rumors, and one thing many people are thinking of is what sort of design the phone will have. Today we have a new iPhone […]

HTC Butterfly Pro vision has sleek design

HTC Butterfly Pro vision has sleek design

We’ve seen some outstanding concept ideas in the past from Hasan Kaymak and now the designer has come up with this HTC Butterfly Pro vision. HTC Butterfly smartphones have won plenty of fans who might really enjoy this latest concept design, although it is still in development. This is a beautifully sleek-looking device, and we […]

Sony Xperia C1 design offers a touch of nostalgia

Sony Xperia C1 offers a touch of nostalgia

Every now and then we like to share concept renders with readers, as they can show us some nice ideas about future phone designs. Today we have a Sony Xperia C1 design to show you, that offers a touch of nostalgia. This latest concept smartphone comes from designer Daniele Enoletto and features the SE (Sony […]

Samsung Galaxy F design to inspire Note 4

Samsung Galaxy F to inspire Note 4 c

The Samsung Galaxy F is rumored to be a premium smartphone and it has got plenty of tongues wagging. Today we have a Galaxy F design to show readers that would serve as good inspiration for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 later this year. This vision has an aluminium build and is less that 7mm […]