iPhone 5 ridiculous delivery time, contracts favoured

iPhone 5 ridiculous delivery time, contracts favoured

We here at Phones Review would like to point out our frustration with the iPhone 5 ridiculous delivery time and contracts being favoured. We have been very busy indeed and that is why we have not had the time to buy our own Apple iPhone 5, so we decided it was time too. Last week […]

Buying Samsung Galaxy S3 contract and SIM-free in UK

Buying Samsung Galaxy S3 contract and SIM-free in UK main pic

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was released in May 2012, but it’s already one of the most famous phones on the market, outselling its most serious rival, the Apple iPhone 4S, launched about half a year ago. And it’s not surprising at all, since Samsung’s new flagship comes with the best features you can imagine. Armed […]

Nokia Lumia 610 low contract price via UK stores

Nokia Lumia 610 low contract price via UK stores

We quite often bring you news of more affordable Android smartphones here on Phones Review, but today we can tell you about the cheaper Windows Phone handset from Nokia in the shape of the Lumia 610, which will have a low contract price via UK stores. The handset is now available to consumers in the […]

Breaking contracts to be iPhone owner


With so many smartphones available on the market, the decision of which to choose always comes down to personal preference. Android commands a wide range of high-end phones that offer everything that you could possibly need in a handheld device. On the other side, Apple although only really sporting one iPhone generation at a time, […]

Motorola Droid 4 contract sub-$250 price


We have all heard the talks about Motorola’s latest Droid 4, but while we have been able to see what specs the new device will come furnished with, we have been left in the dark in regards to pricing and release dates. However according to Unwiredview, there has been a glimmer of light at the […]

O2 Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 Budget Deal: Only £10 a Month

O2 Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 Budget Deal- Only £10 a Month

If you are looking for a great deal then head on over to O2 and bag yourself a free Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 phone for as little £10 a month. We like to find special deals just for you and thanks to EuroDroid we have found just that, the free Sony Ericsson X8 can be […]

Free Verizon LG Vortex on Contract: Cost-Efficient

Free Verizon LG Vortex on Contract- Cost-Efficient

If you fancy a cheap cost-efficient smartphone then you may want to visit Verizon Wireless soon because they are offering the LG Vortex on contract. According to Engadget the LG Vortex for Verizon will be free if you choose the 2-year contract plan after a $100 rebate debit card, there is not a lot to […]

Nokia C7 Mobile Pre-order, Release Date: Contract & Unlocked Price

Nokia C7 Mobile Pre-order, Release Date- Contract & Unlocked

The Nokia C7 is live on the Nokia site and is ready for you to pre-order, this mobile phone will be exclusive on the Nokia Online Shop from October 25th, which will release one week later. You can either choose between contract or the unlocked version, if you decide to go down the unlocked route […]

Motorola ROKR E8 on O2: Would you buy this phone?

The recently released Motorola ROKR E8 mobile phone is defiantly a handset for all you music lovers; music on the move is clearly a good thing. The ROKR E8 is compatible with Windows Media Player 11, which means you can copy tracks straight from you computer. This phone is pretty clever as well when it […]

Sony Ericsson W910i in White & Gold for only £15 a Month with Orange


How would you like a brand new phone just in over at mobiles.co.uk for only £15.00 a month, the mobile phone is the special White & Gold Sony Ericsson W910i which you will receive for free. The deal consists of a free White Gold Sony Ericsson W910i, Canary 30 (18 months) and Line rental £15.00 […]