The Pros and Cons of Cordless Telephones

The Pros and Cons of Cordless Telephones

If you’re looking for a new telephone for your home or business one of the first things you’ll have to decide is whether you want a wired or cordless telephone. These are the pros and cons of the cordless, below covers freedom, Ability to multi-task, Expense, Less efficient, Less reliable as well as the final […]

Cordless Phones and VoIP Solutions

Cordless Phones and VoIP Solutions main pic

The invention of public switched telephone networks has facilitated our lives to a great extent. The first telephone devices revolutionized inter-human communication and technology has made a lot of progress ever since. Cordless phones are the standard today: people need to be flexible since their work life often takes more and more precedence. Their home […]

What Recession: Uniden TRU 9585-4WX four handset phone system: Specs


Many of you may have been hit or still being hit by the global recession and we thought we would give you an antidote. We have come across a great deal that should save you loads of money, say hello to “Uniden TRU 9585-4WX 5.8GHz Phone System with 3 Standard & 1 Waterproof Handset and […]

BT Domus Quad Digital Cordless Answer Phone

This is the BT Domus and it is said to be the ultimate in home phone technology, it has enhanced audio sound which is coupled with a stylish design. It delivers a rich and crisp sound capability on calls and is finished in a shiny black glass casing. It has a 255 name and number […]

BT Verve 500 Twin Cordless home phones in silver with answer machine

BT Verve 500 Twin

Here is the Verve 500 twin cordless home phone set from BT, as set comprising of two handsets in stylish silver with colour display, so why have one when you can have two. The main base is an answer machine which allows for up to 28 minutes of recording time, while the range of the […]