BlackBerry Embarrassment, time to discuss

BlackBerry Embarrassment, time to discuss

The BlackBerry platform was once the darling of business and personal users alike, but more recently a lot of these users have left the platform in favour of rival offerings that are often seen as more modern and trendy. With time moving on there are some that may feel some BlackBerry embarrassment, and we are […]

Google+ Users Discussions on iPhone 5

Google+ Users Discussions on iPhone 5

There is a lot of talk lately covering the new Apple iPhone 5, news covering release dates, rumours, specifications, will it be the best Apple smartphone ever, and of course Android vs iPhone etc. If you have anything you wish to say about the upcoming iPhone 5 please do so below. I want to know […]

Where Would Certain Manufacturers Be Without Android

Where Would Certain Manufacturers Be Without Android

The Google Android operating system is becoming a vast success rate, and we would love to know where would certain manufacturers be without android. Google is releasing new products all the time such as Google+, new apps, and so on and surely it makes sense that other manufactures should jump aboard the Google train. For […]

No Signal iPhone Problems: Your Discussions

No Signal iPhone Problems Your Discussions

If you are sick and tired of your iPhone displaying ‘No Service’ or ‘Searching…’ in the top left hand corner, due to signal problems – join the discussion and have your say here. On May 3rd I did an article entitled ‘Apple iPhone 3GS Or O2: Signal Issues?’, as I keep getting the message ‘No […]

iPhone DST Problem: Are You Having Alarm Issues?

iPhone DST Problem- Are You Having Alarm Issues

Ever since the clocks went back over the weekend many Apple iPhone customers have experienced problems, the iPhone DST problem or bug is causing the smartphones alarms to fail across Europe. Switching from Daylight Savings Time and Standard Time is causing issues; we would love to know if you are having iPhone alarm problems. Apparently […]

HTC Android 2.2 Gratia Release: Discussion Questions

HTC Android 2.2 Gratia Release- Discussion Questions

The new HTC Gratia with Android 2.2 is a smartphone that we mentioned a little earlier on today, no one knows what the price will be and nor do we know what entry level it will be. Once we have a price we can tell you if it will be mid to high level, in […]

Video Example of iPhone 3G lagging: Are you affected?

We have reported a few times now of the problems the iPhone and iPhone 3G are having and this is becoming such a major problem that is ticking off customers. We have seen these problems personally and yes at first thought we were the only ones, but this is not the case as many users […]

My Apple iPhone is still having major problems: Is Yours?

iphone problems

Now I told you about my Apple iPhone having major problems of it freezing all the time (See Here), well let me tell you why I am still ticked off. After the latest iPhone update via iTunes I have had nothing but troubles and oh yes still the troubles continue, not only does the iPhone […]