Disney Infinity Toy Box 3.0 app arrives for Android and iOS

disney infinity toybox 3

Remember when Skylanders were king of the mobile toy world? Well, Disney shook things up with Infinity, and today they have unleashed the Disney Infinity Toy Box 3.0 app for Android and iOS devices.

Disney puts The Duckforce Rises into soft-launch mode on iOS

Duckforce rises

We all know the House of Mouse can put out a good mobile game, and occasionally they’ll hit us with a surprise. The Duckforce Rises certainly falls into that category, and it’s just entered a soft-launch on iOS.

Disney Infinity Toy Box 2.0 app finally comes to Android


If you have kids or are a large child yourself, you have probably purchased, played with or at least heard of Skylanders or Disney Infinity. The popular toy/games have made mega-millions, and while iOS gamers have been enjoying the fun on their mobiles, Android users have had to wait. Well, the wait is finally over with the Disney Infinity Toy Box 2.0 app, which has finally landed on Google Play.

Star Wars BB-8 Droid toy in the works from Sphero

sphero BB-88

If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably heard of Star Wars even if you’re not a fan. There’s a new film set to debut soon, and one of the early stars of the trailer is a little robot called BB-8. Turns out, that little guy comes from Sphero, the same company that makes that really cool robotic ball for mobiles. Guess who’s producing an official Star Wars BB-8 Droid toy this year?

New Disney Infinity 3.0 characters revealed through leak

disney infinity 3.0

To say Disney Infinity is popular would be a huge understatement. People love the game and its characters, and we’ve just gotten word of a Disney Infinity 3.0 character leak. While you won’t be likely to find the new Disney Infinity characters in your Toy Box app for a while, it still exciting news across the board.

Guardians of the Galaxy arrives on Google Play, Soundtrack available for Free


Tuesday is a great day to be a movie buff or gamer as that’s generally when we start to see new releases roll out for the week. On Google Play, Tuesday is always when the new movies of the week drop, and this week we’re getting a Blockbuster with Guardians of the Galaxy. Yup, you can now stream the flick straight from the Play Store, and you can also grab the Awesome Mix for free.

Disney Mobile SH-02G specs show a surprisingly powerful device

disney mobile SH-02G

If you get a kick out of interesting smartphones, you’ll enjoy this and if you’re a Disney nut, you’ll probably drool. Apparently, Disney has put out a few smartphones, and a new one has arrived called the Disney Mobile SH-02G. It’s definitely a device that looks like it’s from the House of Mouse, but the Disney Mobile SH-02G specs tell a different story.

Temple Run: Oz released for Android & iOS, not free

Temple Run OZ released, will cost you

The Temple Run games have become extremely popular among owners of various mobile hardware, with the addictive game play making it almost impossible to put them down at times, and now a new version has been released for Android and iOS users called Temple Run: Oz, but unfortunately it is not free. We first told […]

Disney now mobile for AT&T U-verse customers


If you’re a Walt Disney enthusiast and especially if you’re an AT&T U-verse customer then there’s some interesting news for you today as Disney is going mobile for AT&T U-verse customers. Walt Disney Company and AT&T have collaborated to provide content for U-verse customers across multiple platforms including smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, computers and TVs […]

Watch Disney app choice: Channel, XD & Junior

Watch Disney app choice: Channel, XD & Junior

If you love to watch Disney shows on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and Apple iPad there are a few mobile applications available whether you like to watch live shows or on demand shows, iOS apps makes it easier on your iOS device, and so we thought we’d list a few Watch Disney apps for your […]