Facebook Phone or HTC Myst specs seem confirmed, ups CPU


Some of you may remember the HTC Status aka the HTC ChaCha that was a mid-range attempt at a Facebook phone with a dedicated Facebook button. Since then we heard about another Facebook phone aka the HTC Myst, which will have Facebook branding and is likely to be carried in the US by AT&T. A […]

Facebook Phone aka HTC Myst Specs only been tweeted

Facebook Phone aka HTC Myst Specs only been tweeted

For what seems like ages now we have heard rumours of social networking giant Facebook producing a smartphone, and while we have seen a couple of handsets that have dedicated Facebook buttons, nothing else has ever emerged from the company. Now though new rumours have surfaced of a Facebook phone going under the name of […]

Facebook Event conjecture moves to search engine or phone


Last week we told readers about a special Facebook event for the media due to take place on Tuesday January 15th and there was plenty of speculation concerning what the event would be about. Among other things our thoughts turned to a possible Facebook Phone announcement and Facebook hasn’t given much away with the invitations […]

Facebook phone appearance bet at special Jan 15th event


The mobile industry is so fast-changing these days that it seems that as soon as one popular handset comes out we’re already turning our attention to its successor. However every now and then a device has been rumored for so long that we’ve almost given up on ever actually seeing it appear and that is […]

Would You Be Seen With a Facebook Phone

Would You Be Seen With a Facebook Phone main pic

There are rumours flying about all over the Internet that Facebook is toying with the idea of releasing a smart phone. But even if they create the greatest challenge that the iPhone has ever seen in terms of technology, would it be desirable enough for people to want to actually buy? I’m not so sure. […]

Facebook phone by HTC gets delayed

Facebook phone by HTC gets delayed

It seems that the speculations of a real Facebook phone just simply wont go away, as more rumour on the elusive real Facebook phone has come to light in as much as originally it was expected the HTC built Facebook phone would make its debut by the end of this year; however the latest is […]

Facebook phone blue experience

Facebook phone blue experience

For as long as I can remember there have been rumours that Facebook is stepping into the smartphone arena with a Facebook phone, although the closest thing to a Facebook phone thus far has been the HTC Cha Cha and HTC Salsa, and recently there was rumour of a Facebook phone codenamed Buffy. And now […]

Facebook phone concept to drool over

Facebook phone concept

Facebook has been in the news a lot lately but mainly due to its falling share price and how much money investors are losing in a matter of days, but today we have a Facebook phone concept for you to drool over. While many people in the world may not be ready for another Facebook […]

Question of Facebook phone raised again by hiring


We have lost count of the number of times we’ve heard rumors of a Facebook phone over the last couple of years. Every now and then things go quiet and then it all kicks off again. Only last month we told of new speculation regarding HTC producing a Facebook phone and now reports say that […]

New 2012 HTC Facebook smartphone in the making

New 2012 HTC Facebook smartphone in the making

HTC has been busy recently with the launch of its new One range of smartphones that the company is looking to for a turnaround in its falling sales. Today we have news of a new 2012 HTC Facebook smartphone that is reportedly in the making. There have been many rumours before that Facebook would launch […]