Misfit Shine 2 fitness tracker set for a November release

misfit shine 2

If you haven’t heard of the Misfit Shine, you’re forgiven as it’s not a wearable that set the world on fire. A sequel called the Misfit Shine 2 has just been announced, and while it looks similar, it brings updated specs and a few cool new features to the table.

Leaked Microsoft Band 2 images show a revamped fitness tracker

microsoft band 2

Microsoft let consumers down when it came to high-powered handsets last fall, but they did surprise everyone with a wearable. The Microsoft Band 2 is rumored to launch in the very near future, and we may have just gotten our first look at the upcoming wearable.

The Garmin Vivosmart arrives in India for Rs. 10,990

garmin vivosmart tracker

You can’t throw a rock without hitting a fitness tracker these days, and everyone seems ready to get in on the action. One of the more unlikely companies is Garmin, and they’ve just launched the Garmin Vivosmart fitness tracker in India for Rs. 10,990.

Microsoft Band UK release slated for April 15

microsoft smartband

Looking for a fitness tracker that doesn’t run Android Wear and won’t break the bank? The Microsoft Band is a fine choice, but it’s been rather hard to get sine it was initially announced last year. If you were left out in the cold the first time around, prepare to be pleased as the Microsoft Band release is expanding to the UK starting on April 15th.

Lumoid’s Home Try-On program lets you rent wearables


Buying a new gadget or expensive piece of tech can be an exhausting process, especially if you can’t see or try the device before you buy it. Lumoid feels your pain, and if you’re in the market for a new wearable, they have you covered as they’ll let you rent a smartband.

Microsoft Band availability listed as Out of Stock until 2015

microsoft band

We were hit with a slew of smartwatches and wearables in the latter half of the year, and the Microsoft Band was one of them. Nobody was sure exactly how well it would do when it hit the streets, and it hasn’t been easy to obtain either. Unfortunately, the Microsoft Band availability is not going to improve this calendar year.

New HTC Wearable coming next year, but no HTC Smartwatch?

HTC logo

Everybody and their grandmother has jumped on that big old tech bandwagon known as the smartwatch. All the major players are getting on board, and the smaller manufacturers are cranking out wearables left and right. HTC… not so much. The company was rumored to have an HTC Smartwatch ready to roll this year, but that […]

Fitbit announces their first Smartwatch with the Fitbit Surge

fitbit surge

Fitbit is no stranger to wearable fitness trackers, smartwatches not so much. Today the company unveiled three new products, and one of them is their first smartwatch called the Fitbit Surge. It is not your typical smartwatch.

Lenovo gearing up to release the Lenovo Smartband SW-B100


As smartwatches and fitness trackers become more popular, more companies jump aboard the wearables bandwagon. It looks as if Lenovo is gearing up to join the fray, and their first gadget will be known as the Lenovo Smartband SW-B100.

Xiaomi Mi Band priced at $13 and coming August 13

xiaomi mi band

We’re used to seeing expensive wearables, and we haven’t even seen the cream of the crop yet with the Moto 360 and iWatch. If you want something a tad bit cheaper, and without all the bells and whistles, you may want to consider the Xiaomi Mi Band and its rock bottom price.