Facebook status game, secret message trap for 2014

Facebook status game, secret message trap for 2014

There is a new Facebook status game for 2014 that puts secret messages on profiles for suspected victims to comment, once they do they fall into the trap. I was looking at my Facebook profile on my mobile phone and noticed random and weird messages on my wall, one from my brother said, “I’ve decided […]

Deus Ex The Fall Android app release, download now

Deus Ex- The Fall Android app released at last

Square Enix have at last released the new Deus Ex: The Fall Android app and launch trailer for all to see, you download the game right now. Just a quick look and we can tell this is one of the best looking games via the Google Play Store. The Android version of Deus Ex The […]

QuizUp Android release reinforced, uncertain WP

QuizUp Android coming end of month release

QuizUp is an app that is seeing massive popularity at the moment although as yet it’s only available for the iOS platform. We’ve been following the progress of QuizUp for Android, and now it has been reinforced that the QuizUp Android app will release by the end of this month. There’s also some uncertain news […]

The Voice app game for singing sensations

The Voice app game for singing sensations

The Voice is one of the most watched TV reality shows airing at the moment, which is judged by Ricky Wilson, Sir Tom Jones, Kylie Minogue and Will.i.am. The show is so popular you can all now download the cool ‘The Voice On Stage’ app by Starmaker Interactive Inc. Before we get into the app […]

Mega Jump 2 app for iPhone and iPad releases

mega jump 2 app for iphone and ipad

At Phones Review we try to keep readers informed about new arrivals on the app scene and Mega Jump 2 is one such app. This is a sequel to the extremely popular Mega Jump game and Mega Jump 2 for the iPhone and iPad has just released. Mega Jump 2 for iOS devices appeared on […]

Furby Boom app not working when scanning

Furby Boom app not working when scanning

The Furby Boom app is not working properly when customers try to scan their furbies; this seems to be an ongoing problem that needs answering. Complaints are coming in all the time when trying to scan a Furby with the Furby BOOM app, the problems seems to be happening on both Android and iOS platforms, […]

iReady World’s Worst Pet Vocabulary app

i-Ready World's Worst Pet Vocabulary app pic 1

Kids love to engage and learn as they get older, and building a rich vocabulary is an essential way of learning. This is where the iReady World’s Worst Pet Vocabulary by Curriculum Associates, LLC comes into its own. The ‘World’s Worst Pet Vocabulary’ app is all part of the award-winning i-Ready, which is a fantastic […]

QuizUp android app release date countdown

QuizUp android app release countdown

The addictive QuizUp app game that was released in November for iOS users on the App Store are still very happy that they can play to their hearts content – but yet Android users are still playing that painful waiting game. QuizUp app is the biggest trivia game in the world by Plain Vanilla Corp […]

Asphalt 8 Airborne app gets enriching update


The Asphalt 8 Airborne app has been a big hit since its release last year and the Android and iOS apps have both now received an enriching update. This Gameloft app update appeared yesterday in the App Store and at the Google Play Store, and fans will be well pleased with what the update offers. […]

Print 3D Minecraft creations with Blokify app

Print 3D Minecraft creations with Blokify app

There is an app, its like Minecraft for kids but yet it is suited for all age groups including adults, we know that there is a Minecraft port for iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad – but we want more, something a little different like the Blokify app. We all know that Minecraft is […]