FIFA 13 for iOS, football screenshots and key features


Every year the new iteration of the FIFA game from Electronic Arts is much anticipated and a few days ago we told how the FIFA 13 demo was now available. We also reminded readers that this year FIFA 13 will be coming to iOS for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users and is due to […]

Assassins Creed Utopia strategy simulation mobile game


There’s good news today for those of you who enjoy gaming on your mobile devices as the Assassin’s Creed: Utopia strategy simulation mobile game has just been announced. Ubisoft has developed the game for the iOS and Android platforms and it’s anticipated that the release will occur in Winter 2012, possibly at the same time […]

FIFA 13 demo for PC but iOS release is coming

FIFA 13 ios

Smartphone and tablet PC technology has advanced a great deal in recent years that has seen more powerful and bigger devices, and gaming has moved away from just being on dedicated consoles for those that want their gaming fix while on the move. We now see popular gaming franchises making the jump to numerous mobile […]

The mysterious world of iPhone gaming

Angry Birds

iPhone gaming has taken the world by storm, and most people believed that you had to be extremely talented in hand eye coordination in order to be good at video games. This is true, and many video games can be extremely complicated and involved, but the iPhone has created an environment of gaming that is […]

Math problems solved with app games


Here at Phones Review as well as bringing you all the news about new phones and tablets we also like to bring you information about some of the best apps available. Every now and then we like to roundup a selection of apps about a particular subject and today’s variety of apps involve math problems […]

Wordle app recap, old but fun spelling game

Wordle app recap, old but fun spelling game

As you know, more and more new fun word games come to the iOS and Android platforms regularly, but some of those old word games are still great fun to play, and so we here at Phones Review love stepping back in time to bring old school apps to our readers, you never know readers […]

New Carmageddon & NFL Kicker 13 apps worth a look

New Carmageddon & NFL Kicker 13 apps worth a look

If you are a gamer on the iOS platform, a couple of new games recently hit the App Store that look to be worth at least a look if you are into NFL football or car racing games, and those new games are called NFL Kicker 13, which it touted as the ultimate kicking game, […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 free games including Asphalt 7 Heat

Samsung Galaxy S3 free games including Asphalt 7 Heat

If you have the Samsung Galaxy S3 and love gaming but do not wish to spend a lot of money for serious games, then today and we guess for a limited time you can have these for free. Yes Samsung are offering games such as Shadowgun The Leftover, Asphalt 7 Heat and Modern Combat 3 […]

Console Wars: What’s Next for Mobile & Social Gamers

main pic -Console Wars_ What's Next for Mobile & Social Gamers

If you’ve never found yourself looking for new Facebook friends just to get a new building for your estate in “Hidden Chronicles,” what follows may seem insignificant to you. You still may need to know it more than your friends who spend three or more hours a day playing social games online. The advance of […]

Horn Android RPG game best on Tegra devices

Tegra 3 rpg

With the advancement in mobile technology in recent years gamers can now get their fix via their smartphones or tablet PCs. Since Apple first introduced the iPad we have seen more powerful devices being released, with specifications that were only seen on desk top PCs a few years ago. Today we have news of the […]