New iOS Apps, Borderlands Granular & Carmageddon

New iOS Apps, Borderlands Granular & Carmageddon

If you are one of the iOS faithful that likes to try out now apps as soon as they become available, two new iOS app have now been release, one a free app whilst the other is a paid app, the free app, only for the first day mind you, allows you to take command […]

Presidential Debate cues High Stakes Politics game

Presidential Debate cues High Stakes Politics game

The whole world knows that over in the good old US of A, the Presidential debate took place last week and that debate was apparently the most tweeted event ever, and if you happen to be deep into politics, not just US politics but current world politics and own an Android device or B&N Nook, […]

Fluid Football game now on Android platform

Fluid Football game now on Android platform

If you are a avid lover of playing tactical football games on your mobile device, and are on the Android platform, you just might like to know that you can now get your football fix with the release of a new football app for Android called Fluid Football, an app that previously launched on iOS […]

Wild Blood official app for Android, APK available

wild blood app

The Android platform is now being treated to more high quality games of a growing variety, which is helped with the increasing power and memory capacities of hardware on the platform. Gamers can now enjoy featured packed games with stunning graphics without the need of a dedicated console, and today we have news of the […]

Angry Birds wield lightsabers on iOS come November 8th

Angry Birds wield lightsabers on iOS comes November 8th

If you are still an avid fan of playing Angry Birds, you’ll know that Rovio delivered a new version of the multi-platform mobile game called Bad Piggies not too long ago, but that doesn’t mean Rovio will be taking the pigs side from now on, as the company has also been working on a new […]

NBA 2K13 download for mobile devices

NBA2k13 logo

Now that the mobile phones in our pockets are more powerful and feature packed, they can run applications and games that were once only available on dedicated mobile gaming consoles. Popular gaming franchises that are found on the PC’s or home consoles are making the leap to various smartphone platforms, and the NBA 2K13 download […]

100 Floors Halloween app, spooky levels for Android

100 floors halloween

There have been a number of mobile applications released over the last couple of years that become hugely popular among smartphone users, and these can range from photo editing apps or sometimes frustratingly addictive games. Today we have news of the 100 Floors Halloween app that adds some spooky levels for Android users to enjoy. […]

Marvel War of Heroes for Android & iOS, pre-register for Black Widow goodie


At Phones Review we often bring readers details about new or upcoming apps and today we have news of one that we think will be hugely popular. The Marvel: War of Heroes app is coming to the iOS and Android platforms on October 11, so not too long to wait now, and we also have […]

FIFA 13 iPhone problems to discuss


We’ve been giving readers details about the FIFA 13 iOS app over recent weeks and know how highly anticipated this app was. It finally released just under a week ago and has already proved hugely popular and has high ratings in customer reviews. However we’ve noted that some users of FIFA 13 for the PlayStation […]

Shadowgun for BlackBerry PlayBook, download now free


If you’re a BlackBerry PlayBook owner and enjoy gaming on your tablet then there’s some interesting news today as Shadowgun is now available as a free download. A demo of the Shadowgun game was recently shown at BlackBerry Jam Americas and BlackBerry PlayBook users can now find it available in the BlackBerry App World. For […]