N.O.V.A. 3 Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance via App Store

NOVA 3 icon

At the beginning of the month we told you about the upcoming title from Gameloft, N.O.V.A 3, which after first impressions left those that had seen it wondering if it was the best looking game of its type available on the iOS platform. Today we can tell you that N.O.V.A. 3 Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance […]

Juggernaut Revenge of Sovering new breed of RPG


At Phones Review we often bring our readers details about some of the best new apps out there as well as smartphone and tablet news. Gaming apps are increasingly popular and today we have news of a new iOS app called ‘Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering,’ a new breed of RPG. This is a free app […]

Best new games with Touch Arcade iOS app

Touch arcade

There are a huge number of games becoming available for the iOS platform all the time, and finding out what games are any good is not always an easy thing, but that is where the recently released Touch Arcade iOS app comes in that tries to help you find all the best new titles. Users […]

100 Floors game app with video walkthrough

100 floors app icon

There are often games released as applications for our smartphones that while they may be simple to play, they gain a huge following because of their addictive gameplay and the simplicity of them, which has been seen recently with the Logos Quiz Game for iOS. Today we have the recently released 100 Floors game app […]

New Emoji, iTV Shows 2 & Highway Rider iOS apps


We here at Phones Review are always on the lookout for new apps, and today we have found three iOS applications worth thinking about. It’s always good to take a look at some of the latest apps out there and hopefully among these 3 suggestions you’ll find something that might interest you. The first of […]

MLG Xperia Mobile Gaming Arena engages competitive play

MLG Xperia Mobile Gaming Arena engages competitive play

If you are a smartphone gamer and like entering gaming competitions, you might like to know that Major League Gaming along with Sony Mobile and Gameloft have now unveiled MLG’s first competitive smartphone gaming platform called Xperia Mobile Gaming Arena, which offers gamers the opportunity to win over $10,000 in prizes regardless of what mobile […]

Men in Black 3 Android & iOS action game May 17: Update

Men in Black 3 Android & iOS action game May 17

Later this month we will see Men in Black 3 starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones hitting movie screens, but ahead of this a Men in Black Android and iOS action game will be launching on May 17th. It has been announced by developer Gameloft that the official game release of the Men in […]

Sniper Elite v2 apps for Android

Sniper Elite apps

Sniper Elite V2 has recently been released for owners of the Sony PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and for Microsoft Windows, and is a remake of the 2005 game Sniper Elite from Rebellion. The game also takes place during the same timeframe and location that is the Battle of Berlin in April to May 1945, and […]

iOS PigRange cartoon shooter game for kids

PigRange icon

Most of us will remember times when we have visited a fun fare and had fun at the shooting range trying to win that cuddly toy or other goodies, and today we can tell you about the PigRange cartoon shooter game for iOS that kids and adults alike can enjoy. PigRange is available for owners […]

SCAWAR Space Combat for Android blasting alien scum

SCAWAR Space Combat for Android blasting alien scum

Some of the all time classic arcade games from years gone by that are still enjoyed today involved players battling their way through wave after wave of alien invaders to try and save the virtual world, and today we have news of the free SCAWAR Space Combat for Android blasting those pesky aliens again. The […]