Pinterest Pin Puzzle app hands-on review

Pinterest Pin Puzzle app is too addictive main pic

We love to do hands-on reviews, and today we will give you our take on the Pin Puzzle app for iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. We are always on the look out for cool apps that have that little flavour of addiction, please do read on and see what […]

Temple Run for BlackBerry is Tomb Escape

Temple Run for BlackBerry is Tomb Escape

As I’m sure you know when it comes to mobile apps, usually the iOS platform gets them first whilst over platforms have to wait, much like Android had a long wait to see Temple Run become available, and BlackBerry also had to wait quite some time for their version of Temple Run to become available. […]

Logo Quiz vs Logos, 2 app games one choice


We’ve written a couple of times now about the Logos Quiz Game, which is seeing phenomenal success and has become addictive for many. Many have now heard about this smash hit app but another app is not so widely known, Logo Quiz Free. We’re taking a look at the Logos Quiz vs Logo, two apps […]

Waptrick games, songs and videos for mobile

Waptrick games, songs and videos for mobile

If you enjoy playing games, listening to songs, or watching videos on your mobile phone, or perhaps like having wallpapers on your device, you might like to know that they is a place where you can grab a ton of such content expecially for mobile devices, and all for free. That place is Waptrick, and […]

Gideon Sundback Google Doodle prompts zip game apps

Google Doodle 24 april

If you have already visited Google’s home page today you would have seen another Google Doodle that is celebrating the birthday of Gideon Sundback, who was the Swedish/American electrical engineer who was most famous for the development of the fastening device that changed the clothing industry. To celebrate the man who invented the zipper, we […]

Good and bad in Dance legend Android music game

Android dance legend app

Users of the Android platform have a growing number of games to choose from with more and more owners getting hooked onto mobile gaming. Today we have news of an Android music game called Dance Legend. The platform has its fair share of racing games and first person shooters but now the there is Dance […]

The Witcher 2 guide and Interactive Comic Book


If you’re a gaming enthusiast you may well be a fan of The Witcher third-person role-playing games. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings has just been released for the Xbox 360 and we thought we’d bring you details of apps for The Witcher 2, one a guide and one an interactive comic book. Firstly there’s […]

Logos Quiz Game app and answers

Logos Quiz Game app and answers

If you are one of the iOS faithful that enjoys quiz games whereby you have to guess the names of things, there is an app called Logos Quiz Game for iOS that offers up hundreds of company logos that the user has to guess the name of, although you do get quite a few clues […]

Must have Incredibox phone app release

Must have Incredibox phone app release

There are a number cool applications available for smartphone platforms but one that isn’t available yet but is a must have smartphone release is an Incredibox application. For those of you that don’t know what Incredibox is you are in for a treat, as it is a web app that allows visitors to create music […]

New 2012 iOS Apps: POCO Camera & ILLUSIA 2

new apps for 2012

New applications are coming out all the time for the iOS platform and we try and keep you up to date with all the best ones that are available, and today we have a couple of new ones for 2012 called POCO Camera and ILLUSIA 2. There are a number of camera apps available on […]