Google Drive gets cheaper

google drive

So you use Google Drive and finding you want more storage? Then this news will make you very happy indeed, Google have dropped the prices on additional storage and they are now super cheap for everyone. Like most things google the pricing is in US Dollars, starting at just $1.99 you can now get 100GB. That works […]

HTC One Sense 5.5 update bringing nice freebies

HTC One Sense 5.5 update bringing nice freebies

Owners of the HTC One have been receiving the latest version of the Android Jelly Bean operating system over the last couple of weeks, and now we have news that the HTC One Sense 5.5 update is bringing some nice freebies with it. Only yesterday we heard that more regions were seeing the Android 4.3 […]

iDocs Pro for Docs and Google Drive iOS app


As usual we try to keep our readers informed about not only new and upcoming devices but also accessories, gadgets and some of the best mobile apps available. Today we want to give you some information about a new iOS app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and it’s called iDocs Pro for Google Docs […]

Getting along with Google Drive app


Google Drive seems to be hitting the right spot and just shortly after its arrival appears to have impressed many. The new cloud storage service, which offers up to 5GB of cloud storage free with options to purchase more, already looks set to become a credible rival to other options such as Dropbox and iCloud […]

Baidu advantage after Google Drive blocked in China


We’ve been bringing readers plenty of information about Google Drive, the brand-new cloud storage service from the search engine giant. We’ve been pretty impressed with what we’ve seen so far but we now hear that Google Drive has already been blocked in China, giving Baidu and other Chinese companies the advantage. It seems a shame […]

Google Drive takes on Dropbox, iCloud & SugarSync


Earlier today we brought you news of Google Drive, the new cloud service that was finally launched yesterday. Now we thought it was time to see how Google Drive stands up against competition such as iCloud, Dropbox and SugarSync, with a brief overview of services and a price comparison. Since the launch of Google Drive […]

Getting started with Google Drive and app


Regular readers will know we’ve been bringing news of developments regarding Google Drive, Google’s new cloud service. Only yesterday we told how it could actually be launched later that day and lo and behold Google Drive has now been introduced. Today we’re letting you know how to get started with Google Drive and about the […]

Google Drive storage may appear today


We’ve been bringing you news on Google Drive, Google’s possible rival to Dropbox, and this new cloud service is attracting a huge amount of attention right now. A few days ago we brought you news that Google Drive was being rumored to release at some point this week and further developments are suggesting that in […]

Google Drive to rival Dropbox next week release


A few days ago we gave readers some pre-launch information about Google Drive, a new cloud service to rival Dropbox and rumored to be coming next week. Further details have emerged which reinforce a release next week and the fact that Drive appears to have been spotted on a developer’s phone has to be a […]

Google Drive cloud service detailed ahead of launch

Google Drive service detailed ahead of release

Google have been pretty busy in the last few months with the launch of its new social networking site Google+, and continued tweaks to its other services such as Gmail and the Android mobile OS. Today we have news of the Google Drive cloud service that has been detailed ahead of launch. According to a […]