Google teases Key Lime Pie without launch details

Google teases key lime pie

The dust has settled on the Google I/O event and while there were a number of new services and upgrades to existing ones announced the company didn’t take the wraps off any new version of its mobile operating system. The company did drop some hints of what will be coming in the next few months […]

Watch Google I/O keynote today with live streaming plus world times


The Google I/O 2013 developer conference kicks off today running from May 15 to 17 and this is an event that Android enthusiasts around the world will be following with interest. The keynote speech is scheduled for today at 9am PT that’s 12 noon ET and for all those of you who don’t want to […]

Galaxy S4 Google Edition in wild release rumour: Update

Galaxy S4 Google Edition in wild release rumour

Over the last few weeks consumers in many regions have been getting their hands on the latest flagship mobile phone from Samsung, but now there are some wild release rumours of a Galaxy S4 Google Edition that is being claimed to be announced at this week’s Google I/O event. There are reports that Samsung and […]

Nexus 5 or other unveilings unlikely to happen at Google I/O

Google IO 2013 with no new Nexus hardware possibility grows

In just two days time the annual Google I/O event will be kicking off at San Francisco’s Moscone Center for the sixth year in a row, but it seems there will be some disappointment for those that are hoping to see the Nexus 5 or other new hardware as any such unveilings are unlikely to […]

White Nexus 4 release possibility grows stronger

white nexus 4

Quite often when a company makes available a new smartphone there may only be a small choice when it comes to colour schemes, and that is certainly the case with the LG Nexus 4. Now though a white Nexus 4 release possibility is growing stronger with yet another image of such a device appearing. We […]

New Nexus 7 specs and price rumoured before launch

new nexus 7 price and specs

Since the original Nexus 7 was released last summer the Android tablet platform has grown in popularity, and now thoughts of a new Nexus 7 model are emerging with rumours of the specs and pricing for the device before it is officially launched. We have already heard some speculation regarding the new version of the […]

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean seen again, lower spec compatibility hint

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean says hello again before reveal

There was a thought previously that Google would be unveiling the next major update of its mobile operating system at its annual Google I/O event later this month, but there is growing evidence of something different as Android 4.3 Jelly Bean has been seen again that may also suggest lower spec compatibility. A few days […]

Android Key Lime Pie release delay & new Nexus 4 pricing

Android Key Lime Pie release delay and new Nexus 4 pricing

Next month we will see the annual Google I/O event taking place where the company historically shows off the latest version of its mobile operating system along with some nice new hardware, but now reports are claiming that the Android Key Lime Pie release will see a delay and also points to some new Nexus […]

LG Nexus 5 & 7.7 release tipped with Key Lime Pie

nexus 5 and 7.7

The Nexus range of mobile devices remains hugely popular among Android fans that are looking for an unspoilt experience of the operating system. Recently though getting hold of the illustrious Nexus 4 via Google Play hasn’t been without its problems, as stock levels have virtually been non-existent since the handset was released selling out almost […]