Find my iPhone beta uses Apple Maps, not Google

Find my iPhone beta now uses Apple Maps

Apple introduced its in-house mapping service at its WWDC event two years ago, and now a notable development has been spotted as it launches on the web. The Find my iPhone beta now uses Apple Maps, not Google in the latest preview. The Find my iPhone web-based application has pushed aside Google Maps for Apple […]

New Google Maps update now show upcoming events


Google Maps will now not only show you how to get where you want to go, but will also show you upcoming events happening at the location in question. Users can now search Google Maps for a particular venue e.g o2 arena London, and find out exactly what’s happening at that venue in the next […]

Google Maps Navigation app for iOS catches up with Android

Google Navigation app for iOS catches up with Android

Despite many other alternatives that includes the lacklustre Apple Maps, Google’s own in house offering remains one of the most popular free navigation apps available to mobile users, and now the Google Maps app for iOS catches up with Android. While Apple is promising to improve its own map application with the release of iOS […]

Apple iOS Maps could be getting its own Street View

apple street view

Ever since Apple ditched Google Maps in favour its own offering many users have been disappointed with what the in-house app had to offer, but Apple are busy improving the service and at some point in the future Apple’s iOS Maps could be getting its own Street View feature. iOS users now have access to […]

Google Nexus 4 finder shows US retailers


If you’re one of the many potential U.S. customers of the Google Nexus 4 smartphone by LG and have been having trouble getting hold of one then this next snippet of news may interest you. Virtually everybody by now knows that this has been in and out of stock at Google Play with long periods […]

Google Maps using Siri tip, no need for iOS 6 jailbreak


Apple iOS device users will be only too aware of the many problems that arose when Apple chose to replace the Google Maps application with its own Maps app. Many iPhone and iPad owners have been waiting patiently for the Google Maps app to make an appearance at the App Store and a few days […]

Google Maps for iOS & iPhone 5 released

Google maps for iPhone released

Back in September at the Apple keynote speech for the new version of the iPhone the company confirmed previous rumours that they would be ditching Google Maps in favour of their own in house Apple Maps offering. The new Maps application has since been met with numerous bugs and incorrect information leaving many users frustrated, […]

iOS 6 Apple Maps in deadly situation struggle

iOS 6 Apple Maps in deadly situation struggle

Obviously the entire mobile space knows about all the problems Apple has with their Apple Maps app especially when the app is giving out the wrong directions to users. And now it appears that the much maligned iOS 6 app has been branded as potentially life threatening by Australian cops who have issued a warning […]

Apple iOS 6 Maps fix by TomTom requested

Apple iOS 6 Maps fix by TomTom 2

Since the loss of Steve Jobs just over a year ago it seems as though Apple is making a number of wrong moves, with one of them being the huge mistake of getting rid of Google Maps for their own service. We’re not saying that Apple should not pursue their own mapping service, but they […]

ForeverMap 2 for Android takes on Google Maps

forever map 2 logo

A lot has been made in recent months about the lack of Google Maps on the iOS platform with many users complaining about the in-house application now on offer. Meanwhile Android users have no such issues with a variety of map applications available including Google Maps, but today we have news of a new app […]