Euro 2016 draw news and more with countdown app

Euro 2016 Draw app

Although it’s still two years away there’s an increasing amount of interest in the Euro 2016 football tournament, especially with news of the draw. If you want to follow all the latest about the Euro 2016 draw and much more, you can do so with a countdown app that’s now available at the Google Play […]

New WhatsApp Android update changes and download

New whatsapp Android update

We have some excellent news for WhatsApp app users on the Android platform as a new update has just been released. We have details of the new WhatsApp Android update changes ahead and a download available. This update includes new privacy options and also a couple of features that the iOS version doesn’t yet have. […]

Angry Birds Rio app for Android, iOS update changes

Angry Birds Rio update changes

We like to give readers news on popular apps and updates for those apps and today we have details of Angry Birds Rio. The app has just been updated for the Android and iOS platforms and we have info on some of the changes that this update brings. The Angry Birds Rio game is another […]

BBM for Android now offers extra support

BBM for Android now offers extra support

While sales of its handsets may not be going as well as the company would have hoped the adoption of its messenger service has certainly given BlackBerry a boost. The company has been working hard on the app since it was released for rival platforms, and now as promised the BBM app for Android now […]

Flying Cyrus Wrecking Ball game, Flappy Bird revisited

Flying Cyrus Wrecking Ball game, Flappy Bird revisited

The taking down of the hugely popular Flappy Bird game caused quite a stir in the mobile world, and has also resulted in a number of rip off games being released, which can certainly be said about the Flying Cyrus Wrecking Ball game that is Flappy Bird revisited. We heard recently that both Apple and […]

HTC FootballFeed app updated for UCL knockout stages

htc football

Football fans around the world can now keep up with all the happenings and latest scores for their favourite team via a huge range of mobile applications. Today we have news of the HTC FootballFeed Android app that has been updated in time for the knockout stages of the UEFA Champions League. We are at […]

Talking Angela app debate spurs judgements

talking angela app debate spurs judgements

There’s a lot of attention right now on the Talking Angela iOS and Android app. Concerns about this app have been rumbling on for some time now, with warnings that the app is dangerous for children to play. Now the Talking Angela app debate has spurred judgements on this. We first wrote about the Talking […]

TJ Oshie Olympics success inspires Wallpapers app

tj oshie olympic success inspire wallpapers app

Since the Winter Olympics 2014 schedule was first released last year, one of the most anticipated events was the USA vs. Russia hockey match. The long awaited showdown led to T.J. Oshie being hailed a US hero for his part in the victory and has inspired a T J Oshie Wallpapers app. This ice hockey […]

Flappy Bird copies rejected by Apple and Google

Flappy Bird copies rejected by Apple and Google

Each year certain mobile apps grab all the headlines for one reason or another and that has certainly been case recently for the Flappy Bird game that was eventually taken down by the developer. In the wake of this numerous copies have appeared but it seems as if Apple and Google are now rejecting these. […]

Arachnophobia cure possible via Real Scary Spiders game

Arachnophobia cure possible via Real Scary Spiders game

There may be many things that some of us are scared of such as going to the dentist or heights, but there will also be a lot of people that are afraid of our eight legged friends, although an Arachnophobia cure could be possible via the Real Scary Spiders game. Many people will not like […]