Turn your TV into a Chromebox with the $85 Chromebit

asus chromebit

The prices on computers have drastically changed over the years, and you can now buy a PC in many crazy shapes and sizes. The Chromebit certainly falls into the oddly shaped category, and it’s just been released at the low price of only $85.

Chillingo and EA game sale offers up 10 cent titles on Google Play

google play logo

At least once a month Google throws a game sale, and this week we’re getting a great one with several dirt cheap games. The themed sale is putting titles from EA and Chillingo up for grabs, and you’ll only need to pony up a dime to pick one up.

Google unveils the new Chromecast and Chromecast Audio

Chromecast V2

Google was at the top of a lot of news feeds yesterday thanks to a couple of new smartphones, but one gadget will outsell them all. As expected, a new Chromecast was announced and it’s bringing some new features to the table along with another new streaming dongle.

Google Pixel C tablet price revealed with announcement

Google Pixel C

In a day of big announcements, the one device that surprised many of us was the one we almost didn’t see coming. The Google Pixel C tablet somehow managed to fly under the radar until yesterday, but today the slate is official and here’s what you can expect.

Nexus Protect Program arrives for the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P

google logo

Remember that Google Nexus Protection program we told you about? Well, those rumors were true and as of today you’ll be able to pick up some added protection for your brand new Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P.

Google Nexus 6 sale drops 64GB edition price to $369

google nexus 6

Whenever a new handset rolls out, prices tend to drop on last year’s model. That’s what we’re seeing now with all the Nexus 6 sales, and today we’ve got a doozy courtesy of Expansys USA.

Nexus Player sale slashes the price to $50 at Best Buy

google nexus player sale

Apple recently unveiled the updated Apple TV, but that obviously won’t be for everyone. If Android is more your speed, a new Nexus Player Sale has just dropped the price of the stylish set-top box down to $50.

New Chromecast rumored to launch with Nexus release

new chromecast

Google is getting ready to update their Nexus lineup at the end of the month, but a new report suggests that’s not the only gadget getting a refresh. A new Chromecast has been spotted, and it’s set to be a large upgrade over the original streaming dongle.

Nexus Protect program spotted on the Google Store


In the very near future, we’ll meet the 2015 Nexus lineup and Google may have something extra for its customers this year. It goes by the name of Nexus Protect, and it could be their answer to AppleCare.

Project Ara release date bumped back to 2016, launching stateside

project ara modules

We just told you about how Project Ara had hit a bump in the road, and now we’ve learned the Project Ara release date will be pushed back to 2016.