Nexus 5 keyword is camera but no 1080p display


The next Google Nexus device is creating a lot of attention even though plenty of us are still excited about the Nexus 4 from LG. Ever since the beginning of this year we’ve been hearing rumblings about a Nexus 5 device, possibly to be made by LG again, and we’ve already heard of leaked specs. […]

New Motorola X Phone specs suggested with November arrival

New Motorola X Phone specs suggested with November arrival

The smartphone world has recently been awash with numerous rumours regarding the first handset that has been jointly developed by Google and Motorola since the search engine giant swallowed up the manufacturer. Now today some new Motorola X Phone specs are being suggested along with a November arrival that could also challenge the Samsung Galaxy […]

Nexus 5 previous rumors refuted and more believable specs


There is growing speculation and plenty of interest in the next Google Nexus device, the Nexus 5, and today we have heard that rumored specs widely reported over the weekend have been refuted by the latest leaked information. It seems the new leaked specs are rather more believable and we have also heard that Nikon […]

Motorola X Phone snippets include rear touch-sensitive control


There has been a huge amount of interest in a phone dubbed the Motorola X Phone or sometimes referred to as the Google X Phone. Since whisperings of such a device began Android fans have been eagerly waiting for more news and most recently we told how the Motorola X Phone is now more likely […]

Motorola X Phone release could be a brand & customizable

Motorola X Phone release to be a brand & customizable

There has been a lot of speculation surrounding a new smartphone jointly produced by Motorola and Google over the last few months, with talk the device will offer something different to the competition. This could certainly be the case if the latest Motorola X Phone rumours are anything to go by as it is being […]

Google decides Android users shouldn’t block ads

Google decides Android users shouldn’t block ads

Adblock Plus revealed that Google has removed all ad-blocking apps for Android, including Adblock Plus, from the Google Play Store. The unilateral move by Google threatens consumer choice. Adblock Plus is a free ad-blocking tool that is the product of an open-source community project; it has been downloaded more than 200 million times worldwide. Adblock […]

Google Motorola difficult transition leads to employee cuts


There has been a huge amount of interest lately in a handset dubbed the Motorola X phone or Google X phone, which may or may not be the next Nexus device. However while this is making headlines for positive reasons, not everything in the garden is rosy for Google’s recent acquisition Motorola Mobility and it […]

Official Nexus 7 dock has landed in Google Play


The Google Nexus 7 tablet by Asus has been a smash-hit since it released last July running Android Jelly Bean. We’ve been bringing you plenty of news about this popular device regarding updates, accessories and more but many of you may have been wondering what happened to the official dock accessory. The good news today […]

Google Settings app icon mystifies some Android users


We always like to bring readers details about popular apps and today we have some news on an app that has been mystifying some people by appearing out of the blue on their mobile devices. The Google Settings app icon has been popping up on Android smartphones and tablets but it’s not an app you’d […]

Motorola X Phone release may be months away yet

Motorola X Phone release may be months away yet

Since Google purchased Motorola there have been many wondering what the takeover would mean for the smartphone manufacturer in the future, which has led to a lot of speculation relating to a new superphone from the two companies soon, but it seems a Motorola X Phone release may be months away yet. It doesn’t seem […]