Android 4.3 may soon bring new battery saving features

android 4.3 bluetooh

The big keynote speech that kicked off this year’s Google I/O developer event didn’t reveal any new version of the company’s mobile operating system, but it seems Android 4.3 may soon bring some new battery saving features. The main focus of the keynote speech centred on developer tools along with a revamped Google Play Store […]

Motorola X Phone benchmarks reveal disappointing specs

Motorola X Phone benchmark disappointment

Over the last few months there have been a whole host of rumours and speculation regarding the so called Motorola X Phone, and now some benchmarks have appeared that are apparently for the handset but in many Android fans eyes they may not hit the mark with disappointing specs. Towards the end of last year […]

Nexus 5 arrival could be indicated by Nexus 4 sale removal, rumor


The Google Nexus 5 smartphone has been the subject of a lot of curiosity since rumors about it first surfaced some time ago. Initially it seemed pretty likely that it might be introduced at Google’s I/O event this month but the closer that has come the less likely it has seemed. Now though, some UK […]

Nexus 5 likelihood of LG as manufacturer increases


The Nexus 5 smartphone is the subject of a colossal amount of interest at the moment, particularly among Android enthusiasts. After the remarkable success of the Google Nexus 4 that was made by LG many can hardly wait to hear specs and features of the Nexus 5. Although nothing more has leaked on that, the […]

Motorola X Phone gets pictured with Ghost codename

Motorola Ghost

It has been a while now since the deal that saw Google purchase smartphone manufacturer Motorola went through, and since then we have seen a steady stream of rumours and speculation about the first range of products from the company. Now the Motorola X Phone allegedly gets pictured while being given a codename of Ghost […]

Android Jelly Bean passes ICS in user base share


It’s always interesting to look at the latest statistics regarding the Android operating system platform and current adoption rates of the different versions. The newest information available informs us that the user base of Android Jelly Bean has now passed that for Ice Cream Sandwich. However, Android Gingerbread is still the most widely used version […]

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update spotted no KLP yet

Android 4.3 jelly bean spotted

Google historically announces a new major version of its mobile operating system at its I/O event which is taking place next month, but an Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update has been spotted on servers with no sign of Key Lime Pie yet. There has been a train of thought that Android Jelly Bean would be […]

New wild Motorola X Phone rumours include August release

Motorola X phone wild rumours

The speculation surrounding what Google has in store for Motorola hardware in the future is showing no signs of letting up, and now we have some new wild Motorola X Phone rumours that include an August release. Rumours surrounding the so called Motorola X Phone or Google X are seemingly getting more out there with […]

Motorola X Nexus smartphone visualized in video

motorola Nexus 5

Next month will see the annual Google I/O event taking place where we could see some new hardware as well as the company’s plans going forward for its mobile operating system, and today we have the Motorola X Nexus 5 smartphone visualized in a video. Most recently there has been talk that there will be […]

Nexus 4 32GB LTE release possibility

Nexus 4 32GB LTE release possibility

There is not much criticism that can be aimed at the popular Nexus 4 from LG with most areas covered spec wise by the handset, and this smartphone could be about to get even better with rumours suggesting there is the possibility of a 32GB LTE Nexus 4 release. Next month Google will be holding […]