New wild Motorola X Phone rumours include August release

Motorola X phone wild rumours

The speculation surrounding what Google has in store for Motorola hardware in the future is showing no signs of letting up, and now we have some new wild Motorola X Phone rumours that include an August release. Rumours surrounding the so called Motorola X Phone or Google X are seemingly getting more out there with […]

Motorola X Nexus smartphone visualized in video

motorola Nexus 5

Next month will see the annual Google I/O event taking place where we could see some new hardware as well as the company’s plans going forward for its mobile operating system, and today we have the Motorola X Nexus 5 smartphone visualized in a video. Most recently there has been talk that there will be […]

Nexus 4 32GB LTE release possibility

Nexus 4 32GB LTE release possibility

There is not much criticism that can be aimed at the popular Nexus 4 from LG with most areas covered spec wise by the handset, and this smartphone could be about to get even better with rumours suggesting there is the possibility of a 32GB LTE Nexus 4 release. Next month Google will be holding […]

Motorola X Phone wide spectrum of 20 colors rumored


The Motorola X Phone is still managing to keep us intrigued since we first heard of it way back in January. Although we’ve seen many different rumored specs now things have gone much quieter over recent weeks. However today some interesting news has come to light regarding the Motorola X design as it seems there […]

New Motorola and Google gadgets set to impress

New Motorola and Google gadgets set to wow

Over the last few months there has been a number of conflicting rumours surrounding the next range of hardware to come out of the Motorola stable since it was taken over by Google. Now though according to comments made by Eric Schmidt the next Motorola and Google gadgets are set to impress. There have been […]

New Nexus 7 expected to be even more successful

New Nexus 7 expected to be even more successful

2012 was certainly the year that saw the appeal of smaller sized tablet PCs gaining strength which was led by the Nexus 7 and the iPad mini. Now though thoughts are turning to the replacements for both devices with the new Nexus 7 expected to be even more successful than the old model. The original […]

Motorola X Phone could be a few months yet, may disappoint

motorola X phone august release

Ever since Google took over Motorola there has been a lot of talk of what it would mean for the smartphone manufacturer in regards to new hardware with the search engine giants backing behind it. The much rumoured Motorola X phone is now being suggested to be a few months away yet and could disappoint […]

Nexus 5 new GPS camera control feature possible


The Google Nexus 5 smartphone is a device that many people are talking about right now and the popularity of Nexus devices that offer a pure vanilla Google Android experience seems to be growing and growing. It is believed that the Nexus 5 will launch running the next major Android operating system upgrade, 5.0 Key […]

Motorola X Phone likely to have top tier price


Since we first heard of the likelihood of a Motorola X Phone way back in January we’ve been hearing lists of various leaked specs and features. To be frank each time they seem to have been very different so at this stage we just don’t know what to believe. However we now hear that it’s […]

Google Gmail Blue & Nose Beta to revolutionize the Internet


Today we have come across not one but two amazing new ideas that could revolutionize the Internet, both from tech giant Google. Firstly there’s Gmail Blue and I have to say I think this is the most useful of the two innovations, after all one of my favorite movies is Avatar! The second is Google […]