Google vs Apple iOS 6 Maps app

Google vs Apple iOS 6 Maps app

Google Maps has been out for a long time now and its apps can be found on Android phones as well as the Apple iPhone, we know that Apple has been working on its mapping system for a while and now it all seems to be coming and finally releasing. BGR is reporting that the […]

iDocs Pro for Docs and Google Drive iOS app


As usual we try to keep our readers informed about not only new and upcoming devices but also accessories, gadgets and some of the best mobile apps available. Today we want to give you some information about a new iOS app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and it’s called iDocs Pro for Google Docs […]

Google+ Android app May 24 update: What’s new

Google+ Android app May 24 update: What's new

If you are one of the Android faithful out there that enjoys accessing Google’s social network, Google+ via your Android device, you just might like to know that the Google guys have as of today the 24th of May, updated the Google+ for Android app, and the updated version is now live on the Google […]

Google Search app for iPhone is sweet


There’s good news today for those who use the Google Search app for iPhone as the app has just been updated to version 2.0.0 adding some very sweet enhancements. Google Search 2.0 features a completely redesigned interface with full-screen image search, faster results and more. One of the main differences users will notice with the […]

Google Motorola Mobility acquisition officially complete

Google Motorola Mobility acquisition officially complete

I’m sure everyone in the mobile space knows that the Google guys have been wanting to acquire Motorola, and have been going through the necessary hoops to get the deal done and dusted, and now a few days after China approved the acquisition, the Google guys have announced the acquisition of Motorola Mobility is now […]

Promising words of Google 5-year free & open source plan


Some readers may remember that back in February we discussed the planned Google acquisition of Motorola Mobility and concerns over the possibility that Google’s Android might not remain an open-source platform. The promising news today for Android enthusiasts is that as part of the recent agreement for China to approve the giant search company’s acquisition […]

Google & Samsung Exynos 5250 processor mystery phone

Google & Samsung Exynos 5250 processor mystery phone

Samsung has become arguably the biggest player with regards to the Android platform after just announcing its latest smartphone, and last year it launched the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system with the Galaxy Nexus. Now we have news of a possible Google and Samsung project using an Exynos 5250 processor and a mystery phone. It […]

Google+ iOS app revamped Android left waiting

Google+ app revamped

Since the Google+ social network was launched the service has continued to be tweaked and refined to improve the user experience that the service provides, and the Google+ iOS app has just been revamped but the Android platform has been left waiting. The search engine giant has released a new version of its Google+ app […]

Google Zerg Rush android phone app needed


Some of you may be unfamiliar with the term ‘Zerg Rush’ but over the past few days this has become somewhat of a Google phenomenon. An intriguing Google feature that started on Friday, Zerg Rush has quickly spread like a virus and it involves a simple game. As it has now become so popular we […]

Getting started with Google Drive and app


Regular readers will know we’ve been bringing news of developments regarding Google Drive, Google’s new cloud service. Only yesterday we told how it could actually be launched later that day and lo and behold Google Drive has now been introduced. Today we’re letting you know how to get started with Google Drive and about the […]