Google Voice Vs Skype: Can they beat other phone services?


Google has upped its game by introducing Google Voice, a brand new phone service that could challenge the likes of Skype and other phone services. This new service from Google will allow customers to make very cheap international calls and adds the speech-to-text feature for voicemail. Since Google acquired the phone firm GrandCentral which gave […]

Google Voice: Revamped Grand Central Web-based phone service


Looks like Google is making life better for the masses, yes we are talking about Google Voice (GoogleVoice) which is the newly revamped Central Web-based phone service. Grand Central Web-based phone service was acquired back in 2007; Google Voice has many new features that will probably be exciting to you. Google have not done much […]

Video: Google Mobile App comes to Windows Mobile devices

Video: Google Mobile App comes to Windows Mobile devices

Not too long ago, Google Mobile Application came to the Apple iPhone, and now Google has spread its wings and delivered Google Mobile App to the Windows Mobile arena, thus enabling speedy access to Google services and applications to users of Windows Mobile phones. If you use a Windows Mobile smartphone simply visit via […]

Video: Mobile phone can now use Google Tasks

Video: Mobile phone can now use Google Tasks

Google tasks are now available on mobile phones and allow the user to create to-do lists in their Gmail. On most mobile phones the user can view tasks, create tasks, and mark them as complete. All you need to do is dimply go to in your mobile browser, log in and check out what’s […]

Google Updates AdWords for Apple iPhone and T-Mobile G1

Google Updates AdWords for Apple iPhone and T-Mobile G1

Google are letting advertisers use text ads and optimized images for any phone with a full HTML browser. If you use the Apple iPhone 3G or the T-Mobile G1 Android phone then AdWords can be tailored to your mobile phone, so you will be able to view the ads like you would on your desktop […]

Google breaks Apple’s rules regarding Google Mobile App

Google breaks Apple's rules regarding Google Mobile App

Google admit they broke Apple rules when they developed software for the iPhone whilst they created the latest version of the Google Mobile Application. However Google have denied other more serious charges Apple accused them of according to CNET. iPhone developers were only allowed to use the APIs that the computer giant published in its […]

At last Google Voice Search App for iPhone available from iTunes


We have told you already about the Google Voice Search App for the Apple iPhone but we did not know when it will be released, well we can happily say it is available from iTunes right now and ready for download. The voice search function has now been added to the Google application for the […]

T-Mobile G1 to get Visual Voicemail via Fusion Voice Plus


At the Under the Radar Mobility event, PhoneFusion announced the upcoming Fusion Voice Plus application to bring voicemail to the Google Android T-Mobile G1 smartphone and should become available from the Android market by the end of Q4. Chief executive officer, PhoneFusion, Louis Libin, says: “With the launch of T-Mobile’s G1, the first Android-powered smartphone, […]

T-Mobile G1 OpenGL ES texture problem: Can you help?


A member over at the android community seems to have a problem with the Google Android T-Mobile G1 Cube Demos and textures. The member is trying to produce a game using OpenGL ES. Apparently when using textures of their 3D shapes in the emulator all goes well, however when run using the T-Mobile G1 phone […]

Official New Updates: Google Maps for mobile in Enterprises


Anything to do with Google, Mobile and Enterprises is good news to us if it is new. Google has recently released brand new installation packages for Google Map for mobile in Enterprises. So what are these new packages? Well these will allow IT managers to make Google Maps very easily indeed for mobile, new features […]