Will Apple give Google Chrome iPhone access?


We should have Google Chrome Mobile; yes put it on mobile smartphones such as the Apple iPhone. The question is “Will Apple give Google Chrome iPhone access?” The future of smartphones is massive business and such handsets are getting more and more powerful which surely means we should see the likes of Google Chrome on […]

Google Acquisition of AdMob under FTC Review

Google Acquisition of AdMod under FTC Review

Google recently acquired mobile advertising firm AdMob for $750 million, and now apparently according to an article over on moconews, the Federal Trade Commission is reviewing the acquisition. However, apparently there is no sign that the FTC will raise any potential objections to said acquisition and that the review is basically just procedural, and this […]

Google Goggles Video: Is this service for Android users good or bad?


A new service out by Google is all about using pictures to search the web, apparently a picture is worth a thousand words. Ok so how good is this new Google Goggles service then? Below you can see a video of this service being tested which we found via IntoMobile which is definitely worth a […]

Google Acquires AdMob to Reach Mobile Phone Users.

Google Acquires AdMob to Reach Mobile Phone Users.

Google has announced they are purchasing AdMob Inc, which is a developer tech that places adverts into thousands of mobile phone app, and is paying $750 million in Google stock reports the LA Times. The acquisition of AdMob is one of Google,s largest purchases and shows their “double-barrelled” strategy for attracting consumers with free tools […]

Google say they will not make a Google Smartphone

Google say they will not make a Google Smartphone

Apparently Google has now confirmed that they will not be making a rumoured Google smartphone for their Android operating system reports an article over on Cnet. Word has it that Google’s Android project president; Andy Rubin has said it would be unfair for Google to “compete with its customers” and that Google remains dedicated to […]

Navigation Maps for Google are heading in the right direction.


If you listen carefully enough I’m sure you’ll be able to hear the portable navigation industry cursing already. Google is about to announce a new Android application called Google Maps Navigation, and when combined with a GPS equipped mobile phone running Android 2.0 it will be able to provide turn by turn directions provided by […]

Apple and Google divorce over iPhone Maps, are they?


For those of us that absolutely love our iPhone, then this is really sad almost as serious as Divorce, as surely if this wasn’t the case then why on earth would Apple buy a mapping company. Apparently though this isn’t so, the tight integration between the iPhone and Google is a massive part of why […]

Google cease and desist letter for Cyanogen mod

Google cease and desist letter for Cyanogen mod

It looks like a Cyanogen mod is getting into a spot of bother with Google, as Google send the developer of the Cyanogen modded Android ROM a cease and desist letter whereby Google ask him to stop distributing the closed source Google applications. Seems Google isn’t too happen with the closed source apps such as […]

Google Fast Flip works great on iPhone and Android-powered devices


One of the problems that we all face when trying to read the news online today is that browsing can be very very slow. A page rich in media loads dozens and dozens of files which can take as long as 10 seconds to load over broadband. What would be ideal would be if there […]

Poll: Should Apple worry about possible iPhone take-over by Google?


Apple has replied to the FCC about the refusal of Google Voice. Apple has said, they strongly recommend the Google Voice app replaces most of the Apple iPhone OS function. This is not accurate, and it is believed that the statement is deceptive. The argument is that, despite the fact that Google Voice gives separate […]