T-Mobile G1 AIM Issue: Solve this problem

T-Mobile G1 AIM Issue: Solve this problem

A T-Mobile G1 user over on the android community website has been experiencing a problem with his AIM on his Google G1 so we thought we would see if phones review readers have had the same problem. Basically when someone sends him a IM on his G1 the message shows up with his name in […]

Video: Protect your T-Mobile G1 Phone with invisibleSHIELD


Zagg invidibleSHIELD for the Google Android T-Mobile G1 is a crystal clear and virtually indestructible protective film which will protect the T-Mobile G1 from scratches. The invisibleSHIELD patented film has nano memory tech which covers and shields the G1. The Zagg invisibleSHIELD is just two millimetres thick and so is the slimmest G1 protective cover […]

How different is the Android Market in UK and USA?


Did you realise that the Google Android Market isn’t universal? Apparently the Android Marker is actually region specific, good of Google to let everyone know at the outset isn’t it? Take for instance as a case in point the Vote 2008 application is not available in the United Kingdom, well obviously it’s the American presidential […]

T-Mobile G1 RC29 update without over-the-air update


The Android Community has discovered the instructions on how to update the Google Android T-Mobile G1 with receiving their over the air update. All that is required is a MicroSD card which will hold the new RC29 firmware. Before you try this however, we issue this warning…You may brick your T-Mobile G1 and lose all […]

T-Mobile fails to auto-port 3G to G1 customers


It order to publicise the 3G network, T-Mobile has offered all its loyal customers who were supposed to sign up for the new Google Android T-Mobile G1 with a data plan, a free 3G network data trial. This 3G network trial will hopefully give G1 customers a first hand experience of T-Mobile’s new 3G network, […]

EA games for T-Mobile G1 to hit Android market


How about this T-Mobile G1-ers, the latest whispers are that EA is preparing to launch some of their classic and most popular mobile games in the direction of the Google Android market, and G1 gamers can expect to see titles such as Tetris, Bejewelled and Monopoly all heading for the Android market ready for you […]

Google Android T-Mobile G1 available right now in UK


Ok T-Mobile G1-er’s you can now get the Google Android T-Mobile G1 handset in the UK from the T-Mobile website, and the great thing is you can get the latest smartphone to hit the UK for free. T-Mobile UK currently has the Google Android based G1 on two price plans which give the buyer the […]

T-Mobile Google G1 is stripped

T-Mobile Google G1 is stripped

We have all been talking about the Google G1 now the last few months, and at first we knew the G1 as the HTC Dream, we knew that Google was behind it, but the rest was rumours and whispers, then finally Google announced after much anticipation its first move into the mobile phone market with […]

Rumour: Asus may release Android-based Google phone


The Google Android HTC T-Mobile G1 will soon be in the hands of the British public, and Asus, the manufacturer of the Eee PC is rumoured to be working on their own new Android based mobile phone which may be launched in the first half of next year. According to the report: “Asustek Computer plans […]

How to unlock your T-Mobile G1


So you want to unlock you Google Android T-Mobile G1? No problem, it’s easy, in fact anyone can unlock their G1 because Unlock-TmobileG1.com will sell you the unlocking code for $22.99. Once you have placed an order including your IMEI code you will receive an eight-digit unlock code for your device, Your IMEI number can […]