Android Market to have Orb app very soon


The question of “Can we use Orb” on this mobile phone keeps popping up on the Orb forums, and by “this mobile phone” they mean a Google Android based mobile handset,, and the simple answer is yes you can. One particular forum user asked if there was ever going to be an Android Orb application […]

Meebo instant messaging for Android gets the once over


Meebo’s Android app is now available to download via the Android Market, and is a free application, and the counterpart to Meebo’s famous web application. What Meebo does is bring instant messaging via Google Android mobile handsets without the user having the browser open. The Meebo app is simple and has no lag which makes […]

Does AT&T want Google Android platform: AT&T CEO says no


There has been some considerable whispering over Ralph de la Vega, AT&T’s CEO of Mobility and Consumer markets announced that AT&T will be releasing a Google Android platform mobile phone in the near future. However, according to the San Francisco Chronicle website, de la Vega isn’t so enamoured with the idea of Android, so this […]

Can a $199 android phone be made by December?


Apparently Ruslan Kogan, a 25 year old entrepreneurial Australian whiz kid reckons he has the ability to assemble an Android based mobile phone in just over a month, and that he expects to sell this new Google Android based mobile phone for just $199.00. Kogan says: “It’s a matter of loading the Android system on […]

Video: Confirmation of OpenMoko running Google Android platform


There have been a few whispers from an anonymous tipster leaking word that Android is running on an OpenMoko mobile phone, and we have a video of it. OpenMoko is one of the first Open Source mobile phones on the market. Although the handset is kind of an ugly piece and didn’t seem to take […]

Google Android now has first anti-virus solution from SMobile Systems


SMobile Systems isn’t waiting for things to start going wrong with the new Google Android so they have announced their release of their first anti-virus software for the Google Android platform, and is called SMobile virusGuard. VirusGuard is the first commercially available mobile security solution developed solely for providing protection for mobile phone running the […]

Google Android PTerminal app jailbreaks T-Mobile G1?


Looks like the Google Android T-Mobile G1 has been cracked as members of the XDA Developers forum have found a way to gain root access as there is apparently a loop hole in the PTerminal app which grants access. The PTerminal app can be downloaded from the Android Market and apparently you can use this […]

T-Mobile G1 hacked: follows Apple iPhone

T-Mobile G1 hacked: follows Apple iPhone

A gaping loophole in Android operating system on the T-Mobile G1 has been exploited by hackers who managed to jailbreak the Google phone. Although they do say that this jailbreak isn’t as impressive as the one that took place on Apple’s iPhone, which took several weeks for the hackers to get though the locks that […]

Video:Beware of the Android Robot at Google Campus


Yes well, I just wonder how long it will take for the Google Android robot to become available in a multitude of toys and other paraphernalia, as it seems there is quite a following to the green Google friend. In this video there appears to be a rather large resemblance of the green Google Android […]

T-Mobile G1 Ghost Armor Video Review

T-Mobile G1 Ghost Armor Video Review

Not only does the Ghost Armor protect you T-Mobile G1 phone it actually makes it slightly better too. When you buy the Ghost Amor kit you get a sheet with the cut out protective panels, a squeegee to help get out the air bubbles than form when you fix the panels, and a solution that […]