Rumour: Asus may release Android-based Google phone


The Google Android HTC T-Mobile G1 will soon be in the hands of the British public, and Asus, the manufacturer of the Eee PC is rumoured to be working on their own new Android based mobile phone which may be launched in the first half of next year. According to the report: “Asustek Computer plans […]

How to unlock your T-Mobile G1


So you want to unlock you Google Android T-Mobile G1? No problem, it’s easy, in fact anyone can unlock their G1 because will sell you the unlocking code for $22.99. Once you have placed an order including your IMEI code you will receive an eight-digit unlock code for your device, Your IMEI number can […]

Google G1 Vs iPhone Beauty or the Beast?

Google G1 Vs iPhone Beauty or the Beast?

It’s no secret that Google’s first foray into the lucrative mobile phone market happened today in London, but what exactly can the Google G1 offer over the extremely popular iPhone 3G. Well for starters the iPhone wins hands down within the looks department, the Google G1 is the ugly duckling whereas the iPhone stunning sleek […]

Motorola cutting jobs to focus on Google Android


The word is Motorola’s new mobile phone bigwig is moving rapidly to cut back the faltering division by cutting additional jobs and simplifying the way the division manufacturers mobile phones. The new Motorola bigwig, Sanjay Jha, has apparently decided to focus Motorola’s interests on the Google Android platform, and to incorporate Android as a platform […]

T-Mobile Google G1 sells in UK as America slash the price

T-Mobile Google G1 now in UK: US slash price

The T-Mobile Google G1 android touchscreen landed today in London and is said to be the number one competitor with the Apple iPhone. Although with Research in Motion hot on it’s heals with the launch of the BlackBerry Storm we believe these three smartphones will be in the top three categories. Thousands of gadget loves […]

BlackBerry Storm Vs Android G1: RIM Wins


According to users’ searches it looks as if Research In Motion’s BlackBerry Storm is grabbing more interest than the Google Android T-Mobile G1. Admittedly these user searches are in the US where the T-Mobile G1 has been out for a while and obviously interest has dropped somewhat. But having said that, nearly 4 times more […]

Android market gets Caller ID from WhitePages application: Video


Caller ID app for the T-Mobile G1 has hit the Android Market; Caller ID is a handy Android App from WhitePages which provides advanced caller ID functionality on your Google Android T-Mobile G1 which you would probably only associate with a landline. WhitePages Caller ID utilises mapping tools and promotes the true mobile nature of […]

T-Mobile annoys customer: Are you having problems?


Oh dear, some irate T-Mobile G1 expectant is quite upset due to the fact that he has been expecting his bright new Google Android T-Mobile G1 handset to drop through his letterbox; However, upon contacting T-Mobile to check delivery status, he was informed that due to a representatives “error” he won’t be getting his much […]

China Mobile & Lenovo join hands to launch Android 2009


Between February and March 2009, it is planned to launch a Google Android mobile phone in China. However, unlike the US, China Mobile will not go with Taiwanese PDA manufacturer HTC but have opted to work with Lenovo Mobile for the release of the first Google powered android phone in China. Although when looking at […]

SplashPlay for Android T-Mobile G1: play the guitar in minutes


Got your Google Android T-Mobile G1? Fancy having a go at playing a guitar? Well SplashPlay may just help. SplashPlay is now available at the Android Market, and claims to have people strumming away to their favourite songs in minutes. SplashPlay app for the G1 includes such stuff like, share and learn music on different […]