Nexus 6 allegedly pictured alongside LG G3


The LG-made Nexus 5 will turn one-year-old this October, and it is due for a refresh. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not because the phone is becoming sluggish or stale, not at all, but because every October Google announces a new Nexus phone, whether it is at a special event, or just via a press […]

HTC Nexus 9 still on Track and Coming Soon

HTC Logo

The last time we saw a Google-based device from HTC was back in 2010 with the Nexus smartphone, but we’ll get a new gadget from the company sooner than later if a new report pans out. Remember the mythical HTC Nexus 9? Apparently, it’s still on the way as a new report says the company’s engineers have been hard at work on the new slate.

Nexus 9 confirmed through NVIDIA and expected to arrive in Q3

Nexus Logo

We saw a lot of handsets at IFA last week, and a few slick tablets as well. While we knew the Nexus 9 wouldn’t show up at the event, it’s still out there, lurking and waiting to take your money. It’s been a little quiet on the Nexus front lately, but that has changed as the Nexus 9 has just been revealed by NVIDIA.

Android L release prediction by update history

Android L update

The “Android Experience” is a phrase we hear a lot lately, especially with the incoming Android L release. Your Android experience can be hampered by excruciatingly slow updates, and if you’re wondering if your handset will receive the Android L update, you’re not alone.

Powered by Android is now required at boot

powered by android

According to Russell Holly over at, Google has reportedly began mandating that devices using Google services include a “Powered by Android” logo to be present during the boot animation. Both the Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8 boot up with “Powered by Android” displayed on the splash screen and it now seems to other OEM’s will have to follow suit if they […]

Google announce Android Wear

android wear

Google has officially announced Android Wear, a version of Android designed specifically for wearable devices such as smartwatches etc. On the official Google blog, they explain that Android Wear will focus on getting key information to users at the right time, displaying health and fitness information, and providing an extra display to use throughout the […]

Google login change after SlickLogin buyout

Google Login could change after SlickLogin buyout

Many Google users use the one page login process to access their Gmail, Google+ and so much more, it was not long ago that Google decided to redesign its login page, which is brilliant and much easier than before. However, things are likely to change again after the Google / SlickLogin buyout. We like the […]

Google App update bonanza includes Search, Maps, Hangouts

google apps update bonanza

Google often decides to deliver several updates for their apps at the same time and yesterday was a Google apps update bonanza. Many Android app updates are being pushed out and they include Search, Maps and Hangouts as well as Google Drive, Cloud Print, and Newsstand. For Google Search there is no official change log […]

Nexus 5 sells well, program set to continue

Nexus 5 sells well

There are lots of Android fans that want to experience the operating system in the way that it was designed to be used without the extra bloatware that manufactures often load onto their devices. Unless you live in the US this will mean purchasing a Nexus device, and the Nexus 5 is selling well with […]

Google could say bye bye Nexus from 2015

Google could say bye bye nexus

Now here’s some very interesting news for a rather dull Monday, but if you’re a Google Nexus device enthusiast you might find this rather disheartening. There are claims today that the much-loved Google Nexus devices are to be rebranded from 2015, bringing an end to the Nexus-named lineup. Google Nexus devices are hugely popular with […]