Prison Break escapes to mobile

Prison Break

You may have heard about plans by Vivendi to release a mobile handset game featured round hit TV show Prison Break, well the game moves forward and is scheduled for release in June, however we do have the first available screenshot for you to look at. Mobile Prison Break has the user in the midst […]

LG KF600 Hands on Review Part One: Out of the box, specs and photos

lg kf600 box interactive menu and camera

We are going to give you a few hands on reviews over the next coming weeks of the LG KF600 mobile phone, today’s review is the hands on review about taking it out of the box, what you get and some basic information, other reviews will be about the usability and what we think of […]

DIY Easy Tiles S60 based concept phone: Is this a handset you could use?


I love concept mobile phones, and I really do like out of this world designs, but when you put the two together you get something quite unusual. Tzu-Fu Wang the designer of the Easy Tiles S60 based concept phone must have a wacky sense of humour and we like that. The brilliant Easy Tiles phone […]

Chinese clone HTC Touch flawlessness

clone HTC

Yes a certain Chinese mobile handset manufacturer has managed to clone to perfection the HTC Touch Dual. As you can tell from the images it is somewhat difficult to tell this fake from the original, although bottom screen icons and rear mounted “HY” logo remind people that this isn’t really an HTC handset and has […]

Dual SIM handsets bring HKC into WinMo Market: video


HKC, based in Hong Kong has launched a world’s first, a Windows Mobile smartphone that has 2 SIM card slots, allowing the user to use two networks. HKC brought out two models, the G1000 which has twin GSM slots, and the W1000 which has one CDMA SIM slot and one GSM. Both handsets also sport […]

Nokia N82 Black vs. Nokia N82 Silver: online gallery

Nokia N82 Black

Yep at last Nokia has released the Nokia N82 in fabulous Black; the Nokia N82 in Silver was released earlier. As you all probably know the specs of the N82 I won’t go into detail here, but will say this Black version Nokia N85 is somewhat stunning visually. And rather than me drone on about […]

Luxury Red Grain Apple iPhone by Goldstriker

iPhone by Goldstriker

Want your Apple iPhone to look the Biz? Then take a look at Goldstriker’s range, they keep pushing various luxury enhanced Apple iPhones; that is as long as your bank account can stand the pace. Here we see a Stuart Hughes designed beautiful red grain leather Apple iPhone version with 24ct gold trim and motif; […]

The Latest Touch Phone the Nokia Tube Live

Nokia Tube

Yep, the Nokia Tube is no longer just a whispered rumour as images have now become available along with a few details on its feature pack. reports the Tube operates on the latest Nokia 5th gen S60 full Touch UI, and is to be the pilot handset of a brand new Nokia series. Actually, […]

100 million mobiles sold by Panasonic


Panasonic has announced that it has sold its 100 millionth mobile handset in Japan; Panasonic has supplies their devices to carriers such as NTT DoCoMo, Softbank and KDDI. Back in 1979 was when Panasonic fist began selling mobile comms terminals, followed in 1987 but selling its first mobile phone. Since that time Panasonic has moved […]

LG VX8610 with internal Bluetooth headset spotted

LG VX8610

Verizon are prepping a successor to their Chocolate that hinds a little surprise, the LG VX8610, you’ve probably seen images flying around or maybe heard it mentioned from time to time with the promises of a media- centric slider style handset with an integrated Bluetooth headset which is supposed to charge by the integrated docking […]