LG’s Symbian clamshell mobile phone the KT610


A reason to sit up and take note is because it’s not often LG pops into the Symbian world, but it has with its KT610 handset. The LG KT610 runs on Symbian 9.2 and S60 36rd Edition feature Pack, it has a 2.4 inch VGA display, and when flipped open shows a QWERTY keyboard, includes […]

Possible waterproof handset coming from Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson

The old waterproof handset is no stranger to Sony Ericsson’s Japanese division; however for the rest of us they are somewhat scarce. But a few images have sprung up on SEfanatics which seem to intimate a new model from Sony Ericsson, and one that’s not destined for Japan. Well, agreed the images could be SE […]

Sony Ericsson intro’s their W980 Walkman phone


So here it is, the Sony Ericsson W980, a fairly well packed flip mobile handset with a cool 8GB internal storage, a god sized display and what Sony Ericsson call Walkman on Top tech. This technology replicates the music player interface as a whole on the external display which allows full control over the music […]

Microsoft MSN Direct headed for Windows Mobile

MSN Direct

Yep, word has it that the Microsoft boys are preparing a Windows Mobile version of their MSN Direct client, thanks to Garmin’s commitment in using its technology in their units. As we all know everyone loves to get news, weather, stock info, and sports on their mobile handset. As yet not much detail is available; […]

HTC P3470 GPS also has the EDGE

HTC P3470

HTC has rolled out an option for Europeans looking for a low-end GPS equipped handset, the P3470, formally known as the Pharos. The P3470 only had quad-band EDGE and a 200MHz CPU, but you do get a 2.8 inch QVGA flush touch-screen, 2 megapixel camera, microSD, Bluetooth 2.0, 256MB ROM, 128MB RAM. The HTC P3470 […]

The Nokia N78, revamped for European and North American

Nokia N78

Nokia are revamping the Nseries of mobile handsets, and coming out quickly with the likes of the N81 and N82 last year, now the latest of their candy-bar range the N78 receives an upgraded industrial design. By Nseries standards the N78 is a midrange handset with integrated FM transmitter. A noticeable feature is its picture […]

Nokia 6210 Navigator is back and updated

6210 Navigator

Yep the Nokia navigator has been re-released, and this time is has been updated with 3G. The 6210 Navigator succeeds the 6110 and is a slider handset that relies hard on giving you directions to where you want to be. And to accomplish this it has a new feature, the just announced Nokia maps 2.0 […]

Sony Ericsson Z770 handset, further details

Ericsson Z770

Everyone knows Sony Ericsson would show their Z770 off at the Mobile World Congress, so here’s a little bit more info about this new handset. According to Sony Ericsson’s Director of Global Marketing and Head of Multimedia Web, Martin Winkler said that this handset “is deceptively powerful for such a compact clamshell phone.” The Z770 […]

Samsung F480 Armani look-alike, G400 Dual Touch Chic & B&O F400 phones

Oh yes a whole new wave of cool phones coming soon, we have always believed what mobile-review say so let us see what they have for us today then. Well it seems that Samsung are going to unleash all their power in providing us with mobile phones that have class, style and high specs. Over […]

Price slash 16GB iPhone as 8GB iPhone on its way out the door

16GB iPhone

Apparently as the new Apple 16GB iPhone is soon to reach the store shelves Apple is going to reduce its price to concur with the dropping of the 8GB iPhone. If you can remember Apple did this before when discontinuing the 4GB iPhone, it dropped the price of the 8GB handset. It’s only a whisper […]