Qualcomm helps with half a dozen Android mobiles


No one is sure of the extent of the hardware onslaught we’ll be seeing once the Android software spec hardens, but what can be safely said is at least six android based mobile handsets will e appearing over the next 18 months or so. How can we be sure of this? Well that is the […]

Motorola A810 Linux based mobile phone on FCC

Motorola A810

That first spy shot of Motorola’s A810 turns out to be the real deal that is unless the unthinkable has happened and the FCC is pulling the wool over our eyes, doubt it though because those FCC guys don’t hold that much humour. The Motorola A810 is Linux based, but don’t get too excited about […]

The New MotoZine ZN5 Mobile phone from Motorola

MotoZine ZN5

It is known that Motorola is working on a 5 megapixel camera incorporating a Kodak shooter, it’s called the Motorola MotoZINE ZN5 and it’s also common knowledge that it will run on the Montavista Linux OS; it also sports a Morph keypad that has been seen in the Motorola Moto ROKR E8, however as yet […]

Motorola kick-slide Z8m has 7.2Mbps HSDPA: video


The Motorola Z8 mobile handset has lately been somewhat overshadowed by the more powerful kick-sliding Motorola Z10, and well unfortunately this means the Motorola Z8 is destined to fade away to the shelves of mobile handset oblivion. But what’s this? The Motorola Z8 the mobile that started off the kick-sliding form factor is going to […]

Zinc II WinMo 6.1 Smartphone by MWg

Zinc II

Windows Mobile Touch-screen handset users must surely be a tad peeved at the moment, as the recent announcement of the much needed update to Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platform, although looking great seems the most interesting improvement such as the Today screen enhancements have so far been limited to Windows Mobile Standard. It seems strange that […]

Unveiled April 23rd the Sony Ericsson G502

Sony Ericsson G502

Coming from the unofficial authority of all things Sony Ericsson this sounds more solid than rumour; Sony Ericsson is to officially announce their G502 mobile handset on Wednesday the 23rd of April. The Sony Ericsson G502 is smack in the middle of their range, and unfortunately mot a great deal of features to speak of. […]

Z780 and G502 handsets launched as Sony Ericsson profits fall

Z780 and G502

Hoping to distract their investors away from the rather embarrassing 48% plunge in profits, as compared to Q1 of last year, Sony Ericsson has announced two new mid-range offerings to lighten the load I guess. The Z780 clamshell design handset is now official and the global sister of the Z770 handset for Europe. This being […]

Elektrobit wants to release their Satellite handset by 09


A Windows Mobile handset is really cool when it rocks on both GSM and TerreStar’s networks. Elektrobit continues to work on bringing their satellite handset to the mobile market by 2009, and it looks as if it will definitely impress too. The Elektrobit satellite handset runs on Windows Mobile 6.1, and has HSDPA data connection […]

Apple iPhone readies for true GPS support

Apple iPhone

Looking at the latest Apple iPhone OS 2.0 firmware it looks like Apple may be readying the iPhone handset for true GPS support, although it’s not clear as to whether GPS will come from dock connected GPS peripherals or GPS hardware. Steffen Voigt, other than finding the location logging feature also found references to NMEA […]

Morphie Juice Pack for the Apple iPhone: video

Morphie Juice Pack

Nearly six months ago the Juice pack for the Apple iPhone was talked about and now direct from Morphie it has arrived. The Juice Pack measures 2.5 x 4.5 x 0.75 inches and weighs 3 ounces, and Morphie say it brings 24 hrs of audio playback, 8 hrs of talk-time, 250 hrs of standby time, […]