LG KF700 handset: free on all 18 months contract with O2

LG KF700 handset: free on all 18 months contract with O2

The LG KF700 is the latest touchscreen handset from the Korean company and I have to say has a nice sleek look; however this is what we have come to expect from LG. The phone has Bluetooth connectivity as well as 3G. O2 are offering the handset for free on all 18 month contracts, otherwise […]

Nokia 5310 red with 15 months half price line rental on Orange Dolphin

Sony Ericsson have things covered when it comes to mobile phones with built in MP3 players, well that does not mean that others can’t have a go. The Nokia 5310 XpressMusic without a doubt looks better than most of the handsets that Sony Ericsson has to offer. The Orange network has just made the phone […]

FREE LG KF600 Venus with 14 months half price line rental

The new LG KF600 Venus is a new phone that features a dual screen; this is a first from LG. The bottom screen has the touchscreen with the top being a standard screen. The phone certainly looks the part; however you have to remember that it is only a mid-range phone. The LG KF600 Venus […]

FREE Nokia E90 Communicator brown on O2 75 18 Month

FREE Nokia E90 Communicator brown on O2 75 18 Month

If your looking for a mobile phone that is a little like a computer, then the Nokia E90 Communicator could be the handset that you are looking for. OK so the phone is much larger than a standard mobile phone, but the phone has all you need to go about your daily business. To be […]

DIY Easy Tiles S60 based concept phone: Is this a handset you could use?


I love concept mobile phones, and I really do like out of this world designs, but when you put the two together you get something quite unusual. Tzu-Fu Wang the designer of the Easy Tiles S60 based concept phone must have a wacky sense of humour and we like that. The brilliant Easy Tiles phone […]

FREE Samsung U700 on with Vodafone: Save £10 per month

If you were to choose a slim phone I bet that the Samsung U700 would be at the top of most people’s list. Maybe because the handset comes with 3.6Mbps HSDPA technology or just that it is an ultra slim slide-up phone. If you are not convinced about this phone, then I think that Vodafone […]

FREE Motorola U9 on Vodafone and get £5 off per month

The Motorola U9 is the perfect phone for those people who like to keep up with the fashion. The phone is stylish to look and also fun to use, oh and did I forget to tell you that the handset gives you an incredible music experience. The Motorola U9 mobile phone is being offered for […]

Sony Ericsson M600i Video Review

Sony Ericsson M600i

Sony Ericsson M600 is a slim and stylish phone that features touch screen and handwriting recognition. The M600 comes in a choice of two colours Granite Black or Crystal White the choice is yours. The large dual function keyboard makes message input easy and reading emails and graphics content is easy with the 3-way Jog […]

Nokia 6120 Classic FREE on T-Mobile

The Nokia 6120 Classic is the perfect phone for both business and pleasure. The phone features web’n’walk which is a Super-fast internet access. The Nokia 6120 Classic also features a 2 megapixel camera. T-Mobile are offering the Nokia 6120 Classic for FREE on a selected few tariffs, however the best all rounder has to be […]

Official Mobile News: Samsung D780 Duos Main Specifications and Photos

Samsung D780 Duos pic 1

The all new Samsung D780 Duos is expected this year in Russia first from May with Europe, Southeast Asia, and Middle East to come soon after. The D780 Duos handset will be available in mirror silver colors and dark silver color, this is the company’s second dual-SIM phone, and we love this stylish tri-band bar […]