Everyone Hates Bubbles: Expert Shield screen protector help

main pic -Everyone Hates Bubbles- Expert Shield screen protector help

Seriously, they do. You may think you like bubbles, but as soon as you see them dotted all over your new phone screen they tend to lose their lovely magical ambience. No, I wasn’t talking about getting washing up liquid all over your smart new phone, but in fact screen protectors. They can be an […]

Would you like Google+ Invite, follow our how to guide: Update

Would you like Google+ (Plus) Invite, follow our how to guide

If you have not received your Google+ (Plus) invite yet do not worry, because we just for a few days will send you an invite in return for a little of your social networking love. If you have not had your invite yet please read on for details on how to get invited, if we […]

T-Mobile G2X Root to Unroot: Back to Stock

T-Mobile G2X Root to Unroot- Back to Stock

If you own the T-Mobile G2X handset and you have rooted it but wish to go back to its stock state then please read on, because you can now unroot your device with a few simple steps. If you are planning on unrooting your rooted T-Mobile G2X please make sure you backup first because this […]

HTC Desire Android 2.3: How to get Gingerbread Update

HTC Desire Android 2.3- How to get Gingerbread Update

Many have asked the question if the HTC Desire will be getting Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread update soon, well according to sources below it looks that way indeed. The HTC Desire HD, which is the flagship handset, is on the list for an update also but this is not for sure at the moment. After […]

QWOP Game Play Coming to iPhone: How To Strategy

QWOP Game Play Coming to iPhone- Its Strategy

For all those out there that wishes to play with one of the most addictive games on the Web let us welcome you to the world of QWOP, this Flash game has been out for a while now but is taking the world by storm. Good news is, it is coming to the Apple iPhone […]

How to install the Android 2.2 (Froyo) update on Acer Liquid E

Acer Canada Website

In the following guide you will learn how to install the Android 2.2 (aka Froyo) update on the Acer Liquid E. Announced a few days ago, the update went live on officials Canadian servers and can be installed by both Rogers and Fido users. As the update wasn’t OTA (over the air), people had to […]

How To Activate AirPrint on Mac OS X 10.6.5 for iOS Devices

How To Activate AirPrint on Mac OS X 10.6

Many of you would love to use the AirPrint feature that was recently released in iOS 4.2.1; this feature allows you to print photos, emails, web pages, documents plus more over a Wi-Fi connection. The above can be done via the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch; many of you have had problems with this feature […]

Phones Review wants your tips and advice on the Apple iPhone

apple iphone

We hear at Phones Review try to give you all the best information as possible but as you know we can only do so much. Everyone loves the Apple iPhone and we know that there are many users out there looking for tips and advice about it, like how to download certain applications, how does […]