HTC One dual front-facing stereo speakers likely


Many of you have no doubt already earmarked the HTC One as your next smartphone purchase. Until recently this was known as the HTC M7 and has attracted a lot of attention as its leaked specs have revealed some real delights. We think this will be one of the highlights of the smartphone year and […]

HTC One aka M7 US release and price suggested

HTC One aka M7 US release and price suggested

There has been various leaks and speculation for a number of weeks now surrounding the next flagship smartphone to be released by HTC. The company has fallen behind its rivals a little recently but is looking to bounce back with some great handsets in the pipeline, and now reports are suggesting the US release and […]

HTC One (M7) video misleads viewers

HTC One (M7) video misleads viewers

It is clear to say that February 19th is the day HTC will announce a new smartphone and there is no doubting that, but what we can doubt is the fact the HTC One aka M7 teaser video that is now showing on YouTube clearly misleads viewers. The clip shown below here is titled “HTC […]

LG Nexus 4 vs HTC M7 (HTC One) in irresistible comparison


One of the most-talked about smartphones at the moment is the LG Nexus 4, offering Google’s pure vanilla Android. Despite the fact that it has been difficult to get hold of since its release late last year, that hasn’t been enough to put people off waiting for it and demand continues to be high. Will […]

HTC Facebook Cover Photo reveals official event date

HTC Facebook Cover Photo reveals possible event date

The HTC Facebook page has a new timeline cover photo that reveals 19//2//13 and this has to do with the HTC Alive event that we reported 5 days ago. This surely has to do with the new HTC M7 announcement or what may be called the HTC One smartphone, but I guess we will have […]

HTC M7 vs HTC One in name change plan

HTC M7 vs HTC One in name change plan

HTC is quietly brilliant we know that and that they are bringing the brand awareness up close an personal with its customers, but if new reports that are coming in about the HTC M7 are true then we are a little confused about a name change. It may be possible that the HTC M7 and […]

Creepy HTC Alive Soon Event, reason why its the M7

Creepy HTC Alive Soon Event surely HTC M7

We have seen some creepy things in our time, but a fleshy heart sitting on a circuit board is right up there in the weird factor. This is a new advertisement for HTC and their poster says “ALIVE SOON”, this surely has something to do with the launch of the HTC M7 smartphone. The HTC […]

HTC M7 Europe release date reinforced plus price


We’ve not held back with our enthusiasm for the upcoming HTC M7, a notable top-end smartphone with very impressive specs. We’ve heard several rumors now of a release date in Europe of March 8 with a launch coming later to the US and now that March release date has been backed up once again. A […]

HTC M7 shows in inventory system, it’s coming!


The HTC M7 looks set to be an impressive smartphone and one that a lot of people are talking about. A release date has not been confirmed although we are expecting to hear the phone introduced on February 19 at a separate event pre-MWC. We’ve also heard a possible UK and European release date rumor […]

HTC M7 carrier news for US, Verizon later than others


We’ve been tracking developments on the HTC M7 smartphone and as we get closer to an expected release the more we hear. This is a notable Android handset and will be truly viable competition against some of the best phones on the market. It looks set to be a big success for HTC and we […]