HTC M8 One successor now appears for Verizon

HTC M8 One successor for Verizon

The arrival of the HTC One successor, currently codenamed the HTC M8, is drawing closer, and many people are waiting to see exactly what the new smartphone will offer. Leaks and speculation about the device has been rife and now a new leaked image has appeared, this time of the HTC One M8 in Verizon […]

HTC M8 aka One 2 indicator of expandable storage

HTC M8 aka One 2 expandable storage

The successor to the HTC One is very hotly anticipated and we’ve been hearing news and leaks about this smartphone for some time. Currently dubbed the HTC M8 or HTC One 2 we now have an indicator that the upcoming handset will have expandable storage. We wish we could clear up the confusion about the […]

HTC M8 stops by FCC, AT&T LTE-compatible

HTC M8 stops by FCC

Many people are waiting eagerly for the successor to the HTC One flagship smartphone. Although the name still has not been confirmed it has been variously dubbed the HTC M8, HTC One 2, HTC One 2014 and more recently The All New One. We’ll refer to it as the codenamed M8 at present and the […]

HTC One 2014 press image emerges in gold

HTC One 2014 press render emerges in gold

We now know when the successor to last year’s HTC flagship smartphone will be unveiled to the world officially, although it seems most of the handsets specs and details are already known. Now the HTC One 2014 press image emerges in a gold colour scheme. Yesterday we heard that the device that has been called […]

HTC M8 tipped for new name and colour choices

htc m8 name

We now know that the next flagship smartphone from HTC will be introduced to the world on the 25th of next month, but what we don’t know is what the company will be calling it. Now the HTC M8 is being tipped with a new name and colour choices. The HTC One for last year […]

Release date tease could be for HTC One 2014

HTC tease

There are a lot of Android fans that are looking forward to the next few months to see what new flagship devices that the major manufacturers bring to the market, and now we have a possible release date tease for the HTC One 2014 or HTC M8 that it is also currently known as. The […]

HTC One 2014 shows its curved shiny back in spec video

HTC M8 shows its curved shiny back

The follow up to the hugely popular HTC One that was released last year just can’t seem to keep away from the camera as numerous leaks keep appearing for the device. Now the HTC M8 or HTC One 2014 shows its curved shiny back along with a supposed spec video for the handset. We have […]

HTC M8 design impressively styled with realism

HTC M8 design styled with realism

The HTC M8, aka HTC One 2, is an upcoming phone that’s attracting plenty of attention right now. This will be the successor to the popular HTC One flagship, and leaks and rumors about the device have been rife. Today we want to share an HTC M8 design that has been styled with realism based […]

HTC M8 Mini specs show no surprises

htc m8 mini

Over the next few weeks it is widely believed that HTC will be launching its new flagship smartphone for 2014, which has more recently been called the HTC One 2. Now though rumours are emerging about an HTC M8 Mini with the handsets supposed specs not showing any surprises. Last year the company provided us […]

HTC One 2 seen in the wild, shows cameras

HTC One 2 seen in the wild, shows cameras

The rumour mill surrounding the next flagship smartphone from HTC has been shifting gear in the last few weeks, and the HTC M8 or HTC One 2 that it is now being called as now been seen in the wild in an image that shows the camera spec of the device, but seems to indicate […]